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March: Heart of Sedona Live Q&A Talk Show

March Heart of Sedona Live QA Talk Show
Each year we deep clean our homes, but how often do we clear out the energy stored up in our bodies? This month, Heart of Sedona Show host Rebecca Tinkle will help you clear out stagnant energy and bring positive energy into every aspect of your life for a complete detox.

Meet Rebecca and get a sneak peek of the transformations she has planned for the month ahead!

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Date Topic
March 3
How to Totally Spring Clean the Energy of Your Space Needing to freshen up the energy of your space? Spring is the BEST time to create much needed “breathing space” in your home, office, or sacred space. Completely reset the energy of your environment for a prosperous and fruitful spring.
March 10
How to Make Your Energy Spic-and-Span Clean We often pay attention to keeping our homes, our automobiles, our bodies, even our clothing clean and tidy… but when was the last time that you gave your energy body a good pressure wash?
March 17
How to Clear Out Old Mental Programming that Gets in Your Way Are old mental and emotional patterns thwarting your best laid plans? Release old mental baggage and grow your emotional IQ so that you experience the freedom to move through the situations of your life (without the seatbelt on)!
March 24
How to Let Go, Revive, and Reinvent Yourself Spring is in the air and the world around us is preparing itself for full-bloom. Let go of the situations that have drained your energy, revive your spirit, and reinvent yourself so that you become the best, most intentional version of yourself.
March 31
How to Create, Recognize, and Seize Opportunity Creation is a principle of life. We all have things that we want to create for our lives. Whether it is a new job, a new venture, or an opportunity that you've been waiting to present itself. Step through the open door leading to the fruition of your dream.

Get reminders for the show by clicking on the "Reserve Your Spot" button in the Heart of Sedona Show page, and we’ll send you an email about an hour before the show starts.

Can’t watch the show live? You can find the recording on the Sedona Healing Arts Youtube page.

All episodes are live every Thursday of the month at 9pm US Eastern Time. If you’re not in the US and aren’t sure what time the show airs in your country, take a look at the popular times below. If you don’t see your country listed below, you can use this easy timezone converter.

March 3 March 10  March 17  March 24  March 31 
US Eastern Thurs. 3/3 9pm Thurs. 3/10 9pm Thurs. 3/17 9pm Thurs. 3/24 9pm Thurs. 3/31 9pm
US Central Thurs. 3/3 8pm Thurs. 3/10 8pm Thurs. 3/17 8pm Thurs. 3/24 8pm Thurs. 3/31 8pm
US Mountain Thurs. 3/3 7pm Thurs. 3/10 7pm Thurs. 3/17 7pm Thurs. 3/24 7pm Thurs. 3/31 7pm
US Pacific Thurs. 3/3 6pm Thurs. 3/10 6pm Thurs. 3/17 6pm Thurs. 3/24 6pm Thurs. 3/31 6pm
Arizona Thurs. 3/3 7pm Thurs. 3/10 7pm Thurs. 3/17 6pm Thurs. 3/24 6pm Thurs. 3/31 6pm
Hawaii Thurs. 3/3 4pm Thurs. 3/10 4pm Thurs. 3/17 3pm Thurs. 3/24 3pm Thurs. 3/31 3pm
London Fri. 3/4 2am Fri. 3/11 2am Fri. 3/18 1am Fri. 3/25 1am Fri. 4/1 2am
Denmark Fri. 3/4 3am Fri. 3/11 3am Fri. 3/18 2am Fri. 3/25 2am Fri. 4/1 3am
Germany Fri. 3/4 3am Fri. 3/11 3am Fri. 3/18 2am Fri. 3/25 2am Fri. 4/1 3am
India Fri. 3/4 7:30am Fri. 3/11 7:30am Fri. 3/18 6:30am Fri. 3/25 6:30am Fri. 4/1 6:30am
Sydney Fri. 3/4 1pm Fri. 3/11 1pm Fri. 3/18 12pm Fri. 3/25 12pm Fri. 4/1 12pm
Auckland Fri. 3/4 3pm Fri. 3/11 3pm Fri. 3/18 2pm Fri. 3/25 2pm Fri. 4/1 2pm

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Written by Morgan Garza
Morgan is a free spirit, world traveler and a lover of light. She loves to write about and research our inner healing power to help people realize their true potential. An avid practicer of yoga and meditation, Morgan is continuously evolving. She encourages all of us to follow our dreams by taking that first step into the unknown and truly practices what she preaches.
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