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Balancing Your 7 Chakras

Balancing Your 7 Chakras

If you find yourself having trouble with your emotions, or with your partner or friends and relatives, yoga can help you to revitalize your mind and de-stress your body, reconnecting them together so you can fully enjoy the full potential of yourself—alone or with other people.

But if you’re still troubled after doing several yoga exercises, this visual guide from visual guide from Life Yoga (www.lifeyogacenter.com) will help you to locate your 7 chakra points that can specifically target to bring balance and steady energy flow in your body.

In Eastern traditions, the chakras are a major part of energy balance, peace and vitality in the body. Although there are different names for the chakras in different traditions, the intention is the same. If imbalanced, physical ailments can manifest and the innate self-healing power of the body can be diminished.

Try balancing your chakras with this guide and tell us what differences you feel in your physical and energetic body in the comments below!

Balancing your 7 Chakras (Infographic)

Written by Noelle Rodriguez
Noelle Rodriguez is the founder of LiFE, a yoga, music and art studio in the Philippines. There, she spends her days meeting creative people and devising ways to further innovate in the health and wellness industry. She also teaches yoga and coaches people to be their greatest selves.
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