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Moments of Healing from a Facebook Contest

Moments of Healing from a Facebook Contest
Through the Healing Hearts Coloring Contest that we are supporting, entrants have had real experiences of healing or awakening. To participate they colored pictures from the new adult coloring book, Healing Hearts: A Coloring Book for Letting Go and Starting Over by Tao Grand Master Manwol. Here is what some of them have shared, followed by part of the message and meditation they practiced as they colored.

Kris Achim
“This is an image of my life in the current moment I was in. Through this drawing, I was able to go through and heal many things I've done in my past to myself that were hurtful, to my brother, my mother, and also experience the great joy I have now and gratitude for them in my life. I also experienced the change in my mind between holding grudges and loving the one I had a grudge towards or heavy emotions towards. I felt so much lighter and happier after!”

Picture Message and Meditation: We Need Healing
Has someone hurt you? The best way to heal those wounds is to receive heartfelt sympathy and an apology from that person. Don’t argue about who’s right or inquire, “How could you do that?” With “I” as your subject, try saying, “I felt great heartache when you did that.” While coloring this drawing, think about how the person’s words and behavior have hurt you and consider where you want sympathy from them. Then try to put this into action.

Diana Unger
“Coloring, I suspended my usual judging mind. ‘There are no mistakes,’ was flowing through my mind and out onto the page.”

Picture Message and Meditation: Courage for Healing
For healing’s sake, you must be the first to show courage. With sincerity, try to say to the other person, “I’m sorry.” The person who approaches first has great consciousness and courage. While coloring this drawing, develop the courage to be the first to say, “I’m sorry.” And, as you think about the other person, say, “I’m sorry,” with your sincerest heart.

Michelle Frome
“Using the instructions provided by the author, as I painted the very tiny spaces blue and red between the main shapes, I was able to see more room for Gratitude in my mind, despite having a very bad day.”

Heather Hebert del Cuadro
“Feeling Grateful for Healing Family”

Picture Message and Meditation: The Power of Gratitude
If you have a grateful heart, even when you have nothing to be thankful for, then the blessings you seek will find you. A thankful heart provides the power you need to create the things you want. While coloring this drawing, keep repeating, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!” You cannot repeat these words too often.

Dyana Ayala
“This was all about letting go of all negative energy. I choose to close my eyes each time and pick a color instead of allowing the anxiety get to me on which color was next. Life is all about surprises and making the most of each situation. It is about how we react to situations and following through with the most sincere choice. To be able to be in our most natural state of consciousness. I hope this drawing brings everyone serenity.”

Picture Message and Meditation: Karma
We have to undo the knots in our personal relationships in this life. To unravel them is to heal and let go of attachments. When healing is your goal—for both yourself and the other person—you will be able to really feel each other’s pain, and both of you can truly forgive and seek forgiveness. While coloring this, think of the tangles in your personal relationships that you need to straighten out, and encourage yourself to untangle them.

Oana Moise
“The vibration of heart's wisdom, flows like water, moves like air, pulsates with life's rhythm and creates through the plasma of time and space.”

Janice Jang
“This is my daughter's drawing right after I got this book as a gift for her. She wanted to show me her gratitude through her coloring.”

Picture Message and Meditation: The Feelings in Your Heart
Close your eyes and try to focus quietly on the feelings in your heart. What feelings do you find there? What you are feeling is the energy of your emotions arising from your heart. Feeling that energy is the first and most important step toward healing. While coloring this drawing, try to sense what feelings are in your heart.

Oana Moise
“While coloring this page, I sensed the presence of True Self in all dimensions serving Its purpose in all Worlds and communicating via colors to my heart.”

Picture Message and Meditation: The Sword of the True Nature
The courage you need to start something new comes when you believe in yourself. Believe that somewhere deep in your heart is your pure, bright, true nature, and unsheathe the sword of that true nature, boldly cutting your weakness of mind and past habits. While coloring this drawing, visualize yourself cutting down your weakness with the shining sword of your true nature while starting anew.

There is still time to enter this contest and experience your own moments of healing and awakening—it ends February 17, 2017. ChangeYourEnergy will give a 35% coupon for Grand Master Manwol’s Living Tao: Enlightenment as a Daily Practice online course to all entrants. Click here to see the full contest instructions, to enter, or to vote for your favorite entry.
Written by Michela Mangiaracina
Michela is passionate about empowering people with positive information so that they can make the best decisions for their lives. For this, she brings together a background as a Brain Education and Body & Brain Yoga practitioner and instructor and study in neurobiology and health communication. Her favorite information to share is the principles and practices promoted by CYE founder Ilchi Lee.
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