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Shift Your Strut With Longevity Walking

Shift Your Strut With Longevity Walking


A Discovery of Longevity Walking


Ilchi Lee, founder of Change Your Energy, has always been proactive about leading an active, healthy lifestyle. When he injured his back during a horse riding accident at the age of 56, he was faced with a great obstacle of reevaluating his body and movement, which started with changing the way he carried his body through walking. 

Most of us walk with the pressure and weight driven through our heels, standing upright and almost leaning backward slightly. This form leads to stooping forward and pointing the feet outward with age, making the focal point of stress fall on the back and hips. If you take the liberty to experiment different ways of walking for yourself, during times of injury or otherwise, you can relearn your body. Rather than walking mindlessly, take every step with great intention. Be mindful of every movement and note each active muscle. 

Such changes lead Ilchi Lee to a breakthrough in a philosophy of walking—one which you can easily adopt too—called Longevity Walking. 

How to Start Longevity Walking


The basics of Longevity Walking are rather simple and include many of the same approaches as one uses in childhood. Rather than a stance weighted in the heels, change the focal point of your step to the ball of your foot—or the yongchun. The yongchun is an energy point right beneath the ball of your foot from where our bodies receive energy from the earth.



Press into this spot while stepping, then push through all the way until extending your toes. This develops a strong walking motion, where all of your weight is shifted forward at the front of your feet. Make sure that with every step you’re concentrating your energy in your feet and legs. You’ll immediately feel a difference as you walk. Even though the long term benefits may take some time to notice, the smaller daily changes will be felt in your legs to start. Incorporate this walking style everywhere you go and you’ll begin to experience a dramatic physical shift. The alignment of your body will improve to a healthier form, including a corrected posture from the tailbone all the way up to your neck and head. Your neck and head areas are the root of many ailments such as headaches, stress and depression. This postural correction reduces these problems and replaces them with a more limber body and clearer mind. You may choose to set aside time of walking just to practice Longevity Walks, activating your muscles and mind for a period. It is refreshing for the body and even a moment of meditative reconnection. Even if you don’t take this time aside to walk, using this style of Longevity Walking everywhere you go will usher change in your life.

Testimonials on Longevity Walking


Those of us seeking change have to begin small. Even the smallest changes impact our life the most when implemented consistently and as a lifestyle change, rather than just a temporary one. Shifting your walking focus from the heels to the toes for a fully concentrated form of Longevity Walking has affected people already. Here are some of the quotes from those who adopted Longevity Walking:

“The heavy pain that was in my legs and feet has vanished, and they are lighter now.”

“I used to suffer from insomnia, but now I can get deep sleep.”

“My complexion has improved, and my body feels lighter.”

“I usually become anxious and tense, but I have much more peace of mind now.”

“My body has more energy and my head is clearer, so my focus on work has increased.”

Longevity Walking is an easy way to walk, and it doesn’t take much more effort than what you’re already doing. It’s just about a slight change of focus and shift toward being more mindful while moving around every day using your legs.

Ideas Similar to Longevity Walking in “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years”


The concept of Longevity Walking is just one of the many concepts developed by Ilchi Lee for a longer life full of purpose, health and oneness with yourself. His journey toward enlightenment, building overall health and ambition beyond your 60’s and more can all be found in his new book “I’ve Decide to Live 120 Years”. It’s an insightful book of timeless wisdom that can change the way you live and build a relationship with your body forever.

Pre-Order the book now on sale.

Written by Austin Adams
Austin is a writer and creative mind who loves movies, books and anything artistic. Video games are one of his favorite pastimes, along with working out and staying active. He likes to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also loves the experience of trying new food and drink. He's sort of a walking contradiction.
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