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What Happened to My Body After a Week of One Minute Exercise

What Happened to My Body After a Week of One Minute Exercise
I try to maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle, working out as often as I can and eating as few ice cream sandwiches as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to stay consistent. Working a full time job makes it hard to find the time to do a full workout—most of you know what I’m talking about. There’s just not always time and we are often too worn out after a day of work. Sitting at work all day makes us tired, but it’s also the very thing that is taking away from our fitness. It’s a cruel cycle.

I hate sitting for long periods, but I have to whenever I’m working. Doing so has caused my back to ache and have new pains. It’s been frustrating and I wished I had a standing desk or something similar to give me a solution. Not everyone can just throw in a chunk of change for a standing desk, though.

The First Day of One Minute Change

When my co-workers at Change Your Energy told me about one minute exercises in the One Minute Change app, I was definitely interested in the concept, but I hadn’t envisioned myself actually using it. For those of you who don’t know, the One Minute Change app basically lets you pick a routine or categorize your own set of workouts to do every hour for one full minute. The routines include exercises for body and mind, along with stretching and meditation. Anyways, someone in my office set an alarm, and just like that, I was thrown into the routine.

At the start of the next hour, the alarm went off and I heard the instructor in the app start describing what to do. The first workout was lunges. Easy enough, I’ve done lunges before. But, admittedly, it felt a bit awkward to suddenly jump into this workout with the entire office. Nevertheless, the 60 second timer started and we began the exercise. The instructor on screen demonstrated how to do the workout and everyone followed along. My mind was cleared of awkwardness immediately and I was concentrating on the workout instead. The thing is, doing a workout at an intermediate rate for an entire minute is actually pretty tough. I’ve been very active and into fitness my whole life, too, and I still definitely felt the burn.

The first workout felt great and I was surprised how effective it was. The alarm continued to go off every hour throughout the work day, mixing in exercises, stretching and even meditative routines. These included squats, calf raises, breathing meditations, meridian tapping and ton of other unique exercises. Basically, it had everything you need for a variety of exercise and wellness routines. Each hour seemed to go by faster and faster—the day flew by with one minute workouts breaking it up into sections. Moving throughout the day like that was great for my legs and my back. I just felt like my body was in much better condition as compared to most other days after working in a chair all day. My muscles were warmed up and limber, instead of being tight and uncomfortable. 

After The First Week

The first day was over and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My work week progressed, and as each day full of one minute exercises went by, I started to love it more and more. Work days have never gone faster for me. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s not a sales pitch, the day just goes by incredibly fast. It’s honestly the perfect solution to a long day of work. It pumps a helping of energy into the day, into your body, and into your mind. I’ve been been doing the workouts for a week now and I no longer have the typical pain in my back. My back issue was something that nagged me every single day and even affected my after-work exercises or just simply walking around. The one minute exercises got me up and moving enough to completely eliminate that lingering problem. I don’t struggle to finish work toward the end of the day as often as I used to, since the exercises really clear my mind and feel like a reset to my mental state. Work gets finished faster than before and ideas come to mind with ease. Concentration is improved, no matter the time of day, and my body feels great. If I don’t have time to do a full workout once I’m home, I don’t feel guilty at all, because I just spent a whole day doing exercises every hour.  

I’ve told pretty much everyone I know about the app and how it’s completely changed my work days. The impact it makes is really motivating. I truly didn’t think anything of the app when I was first introduced, but now I cannot picture a work day without it. I’m not sure how I went whole days without using the one minute approach. 

Try One Minute Change

If you want to try it out for yourself—and trust me you should—then you can download the app for free. You can pick one of the routines already set up by default or just customize what works best for you. Set your alarm and get started. Your days are about to change forever. I guarantee once you start using the app, you won’t look back.

Get the app here for free. 

Written by Austin Adams
Austin is a writer and creative mind who loves movies, books and anything artistic. Video games are one of his favorite pastimes, along with working out and staying active. He likes to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also loves the experience of trying new food and drink. He's sort of a walking contradiction.
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I have been using the 1 minute change app and have found that my mid afternoon tiredness has gotten better. I used to need coffee to get past that hump, but also found that I had difficulty sleeping because of the caffeine. After using the app now consistently I have more energy and feel my mind is more clear. I am also getting better  quality sleep.
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That's incredible, Jackie!! Not only improving your day, but also helping with better sleep at night! Thanks for sharing.
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That's awesome Austin! Glad it was so beneficial.
To reply, please Log in or Sign up.
I have been a little careless about doing these lately but I remember how much better I felt when I was consistent. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Consistency is key! After a while, it will become second nature.
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Thats wonderful Austin. It sounds like the 1 minute app is doing great for you. 
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It's been doing wonders. Hopefully you're enjoying it too!
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I also love what the 1 minute exercises do. It gives you a chance to break away once every hour to focus on yourself, check, then go back getting stronger physically and mentally. I hope everybody tries out the free app and learn how great it is!
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Really glad you're having a good experience with the app It's amazing what one minute workouts can do, isn't it?
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I would love to get started but it appears that I only have Intro videos explaining each segment with no exercises. Any suggestions?
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Yes Cesar, that happened to me at first too, until I realized that you just have to choose which set of exercises you want to do and set the start time. Then when the first alarm goes off it will bring up the video for the exercise for that hour. It will go off each hour for 10 hour after that. At that time you can either choose start or dismiss. Dismiss is like the snooze button . I hope it works for you!
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