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How to Balance Your Chakras with Crystals

How to Balance Your Chakras with Crystals
Have you ever felt out of sorts and don’t know why? You were not unhealthy, things just felt like they were not right. Medical professionals have told you that you are fine physically, but something still feels off. Maybe you feel like you need a breather, but can’t explain why. Or maybe your habit is to just brush it aside and say that it might be all just “in your head.”

Energy teachings around the world talk about energy centers in the body known as chakras, and most spiritual people practice some type of chakra meditation. Even people who don’t believe in the spiritual side of chakra meditation can benefit from having their chakras balanced, because chakra meditation is all about focus.

Crystals are often used to balance chakras because the chakras are organized by color and spiritual energy, and a crystal’s unique energy is often influenced by its color as well. Crystals can put you in the right frame of mind to effectively balance your chakras, smoothing the flow of energy through the body and addressing bodily complaints.

The Seven Chakras

Chakras are like small whirlpools of energy in the body. Each one is associated with different parts and functions, but they are all surrounded by major muscles and organs and blockage or unbalance in a chakra can cause physical ailments in the associated regions. There are seven major chakras that travel up the spine, and here’s a look at how to use crystals to clear that energy center:

  • The red Root chakra is located at the base of the spine in the vicinity of the colon and bladder. It is associated with feelings of security and confidence. Red or black stones such as bloodstone, garnet, red jasper, or smoky quartz can all help ground you for work with your higher chakras.
  • The orange Sacral chakra is located just above the pubic bone and regulates sex and creativity. Carnelian or citrine can balance this chakra to enhance your creative expression.
  • The yellow Solar Plexus chakra is in our core, from the chest down to the abs. It is where our personal power and confidence resides. To stimulate your inner strength and intellect, use amber, tiger’s eye, or golden topaz.
  • The green Heart chakra is the emotional center in the upper part of our chest. Jade or calcite can bring balance through this middle chakra, or pink stones, such as rose quartz, can open it to receiving love.
  • The blue throat chakra is all about expression, and includes the mouth, tongue, and breath. Light blue stones or like turquoise and aquamarine can stimulate this chakra to encourage honest and just speech.
  • The most famous chakra is the indigo Third Eye, located in our forehead and encompassing the brain, where intuition and inspiration reside. It is the chakra from which we can look deep within ourselves, and this can be aided by lapis lazuli, sodalite, or amethyst.
  • The top violet chakra is called the Crown, and it is actually above our bodies. It represents wisdom, universality, and our connection with everything around us. Purple stones, most notably amethyst, are used most often for this chakra, but clear stones, such as quartz or diamond, more closely resonate with its energies. Use it with your chakra to open it to meditation and the world around you.



How to Balance Your Chakras

When you are ready to do the balancing, there are a few ways you can do it. One way is to lay down and place each stone upon its corresponding chakra. Once the stones are in position, you continue to lay there, absorbing their energies and merging them with your own. Imagine the color of the crystal coming into your body and healing all negativity or heaviness that may be stored there. This method turns your attention to each chakra, enabling you to find the source of the disturbance and correct it. The crystals create a connection between your mind and your body, which combined with your focus, balances these energy centers.

Balancing your chakras can help bring focus and clarity to your life. It can teach you what is going on within yourself when you’re not looking, which can help keep you healthier and in turn happier. Using crystals to balance your chakras can help cleanse them and bring balance, health, peace, and mindfulness to your life.

Written by Uma Campbell
Uma Campbell is a yoga instructor and freelance writer. She currently lives in Southern California. She enjoys writing about meditation, natural medicine, and home design. Her interests include home decor, yoga, and running. She also really loves crafting She has her own line of home-made jewelry.
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