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How to Use Mantras as Positive Affirmations

How to Use Mantras as Positive Affirmations
Do you ever catch yourself putting yourself down or being self critical when you aren’t living up to your own expectations? Maybe it’s with something even as small as repeating things like “I’m not smart enough” “I’m not fit enough” “I don’t make enough money” in your head over and over again. When you do that, are you doing anything to convince yourself that it isn’t true?

The constant onslaught of negativity against yourself can drudge up a lot of anxiety, which then leads to self image problems, possible panic attacks and depression.

You may not believe it at first, but the simple power of words can help lift that weight off of you and bring you into a brighter light. Using mantras as a positive affirmation for self love can do wonders for your mental health, and cause a ripple effect that will improve your overall health. You need to form habits around the method, though, otherwise you may struggle to see a consistent improvement.

Mantras with positive affirmations can be used as a tool to empower yourself in times of anxiety or negativity. The more you practice it, the more secure you will feel in your sense of self.

For starters—what is a mantra?

It’s a sound, word or phrase repeated out loud during prayer or meditation, or simply to express one’s beliefs. It’s very important to say these words out loud instead of just saying them in your head! By putting the energies of the words out there into the universe, you’re inviting the frequencies of positivity to come back to you. The word ‘affirmation’ can go hand-in-hand with mantras, but affirmations are specifically positive in sentiment. Combining the two together create a powerful, uplifting tool.

The best times to do mantras

A good way to make your mantras stick around as a daily habit is by pairing them with an activity or action. This will create an association for you and you’ll fall into the rhythm of doing it repeatedly. It’s best to do them during activities that you would already be doing anyway—that way you won’t need to find ‘extra’ time to fit in your mantras of positive affirmation.

Try to do them 3 times a day; you’ll notice after that stretch of time that your mantras will naturally come to mind throughout your day. It could occur when waiting in the thick of rush hour traffic, or standing in line at the bank—and these moments which often test our patience are sometimes the best moments to receive positive affirmation.

Practice your mantras during any of your regular going-through-the-motions type routines: brushing your teeth, getting the mail, stretching, exercise, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. You’ll find that mantras to start your day are an especially brightening sensation of encouragement. The same goes for your pre-bed nightly rituals. Having some positivity in your mind can really lay you into a calm, restful night of sleep.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what they are and when to do them, let’s explore what are some specific mantras of positive affirmation to use in life for different feelings or life scenarios:

Mantras for Realizing Self-Value

Even fairly confident people can be brought down by negative thoughts of self-criticism. Fend these off and strengthen your self-worth with these:

I am smart
I am strong
I am kind
I am special
I am beautiful
I am a great sister/brother
I am a great mother/father

Choose sentiments that truly resonate with you. If these examples are too broad or simple, try to push them further and make them more specific to your personal state. One example could be saying “I am good at helping my friends” as a honed mantra that tells your truth. You understand yourself better than anyone else could, so acclimate to your situations and your feelings by using words and phrases that ring true to your life.

Mantras for Achieving Goals

Striving to accomplish goals is a virtue that everyone has to some degree. Whether it’s getting that promotion at work, taking the next step in a relationship, or finishing a personal project, you have aspirations running through your mind that you’re hoping to achieve. At times, though, life’s obstacles can make the pursuit of those goals incredibly difficult and discouraging. Rather than falling into the rut of self discouragement, take up your own torch and practice the following mantras:

I am an innovator
I am a great employee
I am creative
I support myself
I can do it
I am good enough

Searching for the right mantras of encouragement like these will reveal what’s truly important to you. Keep digging deeper into that and your mantras will only grow to be more effective.

Mantras for Overcoming Disappointment

Do you ever come home from a bad day and just feel like you can’t shake the feeling of loss or disappointment? This mental cloud over us can be very limiting and hard to escape. Take some time for a positive affirmation pick-me-up:

I can try again tomorrow
I have the power to change
I am the master of my life
I can design my circumstances
I can control my time and space
I am strong

At times you can even try mantras of simple, positive words like this:


Every word carries a different energy, and these energies are made of frequencies that alter your states of being. These mantras can seem too simple to be true at first, but they hold power to block out the stress and the downward emotions. Keep practicing your mantras every day and use the ones that lift you up the highest and breathe the most positivity into your life. An important tip is to feel the energy and vibration of each positive word that you’re saying.

Mantras of positive affirmation can plant a seed for a stronger sense of self and self love. You can have the power over negativity and control how you feel every single day.

Let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite ones are and how you use them day-to-day!
Written by Austin Adams
Austin is a writer and creative mind who loves movies, books and anything artistic. Video games are one of his favorite pastimes, along with working out and staying active. He likes to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also loves the experience of trying new food and drink. He's sort of a walking contradiction.
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Nice Info.
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