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How to Sense Energy for Energy Mastery

How to Sense Energy for Energy Mastery
Ahead of Change Your Energy’s first ever online summit—The Energy Healing and Meditation Summit—I sat down with our resident energy expert Linda Yoonjin to figure out the easiest way to access your own energy within seconds. We’ve been working hard to put together this summit and get the best possible information from the top experts in their fields, so that you can have a rich assortment of unique resources in one place. But before the summit comes around, we wanted to give the community an easy-access approach to energy mastery. Linda says you can feel your own energy as little as 1 minute—so let’s see how!

Q: Why is it important to feel energy?

Linda: So, human beings are basically a mass of energy. And all that energy has to go somewhere. If we’re not mindfully feeling this energy, it all goes to our head, which makes us think a lot, stresses us out, and ultimately causes energetic imbalance. You start to become numb to your body and what’s happening inside when this happens.

It’s widely believed that many diseases happen because of stress. While that’s true, a lot of people are numb to their own stress and that’s the real problem. Let’s say your house is burning down. You can blame the fire for burning your house down. But if a fire is starting, you’re aware of it, and you try putting it out, you can prevent the fire from burning the house down in the first place. So having the ability to recognize the starting fire and putting it out is essentially what mindfulness is. The first step in practicing mindfulness, spirituality, self-love, all of these concepts, is feeling energy. Because energy encapsulates all of it. Energy makes up everything in the universe. So if you can’t feel energy, you can’t feel life, making you numb and disconnected. And if you can’t feel energy, then there’s no way to master it, because how can you master something you don’t know or can feel, right?

Q: That makes sense. So how can we feel energy?

Linda: If you want to feel energy, you first have to quiet your brain. When your brain’s very active, it produces a lot of thoughts, emotions, memories, visuals, that distract your attention outside of yourself. Having too much mental chatter is like white noise for your mind. So, first you must quiet that chatter in the brain, and the specific method that I like to use to do that is called Jigam. It’s an ancient Korean practice that means “Stopping thoughts and emotions”—which is essentially what you need to do in order to effectively feel energy.

Q: How can you do Jigam?

Linda: It’s super easy. Anyone, any age, literally anyone, even if you have no experience with energy at all, you can feel energy with Jigam in as little as one minute. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Tap Your Fingers

Relax your wrists, fingers, and shoulders and tap the tips of your fingers together like you’re trying to wake them up. Think of a bird pecking. Repeat this for about 15 seconds.

Step 2: Twist Your Wrists

Relax your entire hand again, hold both hands upright, and twist your wrists back and forth rapidly. Keep your hands as relaxed as possible while rotating. Continue this for about 15 seconds. Make sure you’re breathing out any tension you feel.

Step 3: Feel Energy in Your Palms

Relax your wrists and hands once more, but don’t let them go limp. Face your palms toward one another and have them almost touching but not quite. Focus on the center of your palms. Energy manifests in three ways: heat, tingling, and pulsating. You should begin to feel one of those sensations in between your palms. Do this for about 15 seconds.

Step 4: Move the Energy

Once you feel the energy in between your palms, begin to slowly rotate your hands in a circular motion. After that, you can pull and push your hands farther apart and closer together, all while focusing on the middle of your palms. You should feel the energy becoming stronger, clearer and bigger as you move your hands. Keep moving the energy for about 15 seconds.

Q: Awesome! How is this good for me?

Linda: This is especially great for people who are very much in their heads, get lost in their thoughts and can’t seem to shut off their brain. As you try it, you can feel the energy sensation growing between your palms. When your mind focuses on that sensation, it uses less of its energy for the head and quiets your thinking naturally. It also helps by using the energy itself to focus, rather than your brain. Through the process, you’ll be centered and grounded, so it’s great to do when you’re feeling scattered.

When you do this, it also makes you more aware of your breathing. Breathing is so important. Most people these days barely breathe beyond the minimum that sustains them through the day. Concentrated breathing helps you be more mindful of your body and feel your energy. It’s like meditation in the way that it makes you more aware. That alone proves you don’t need to sit for hours straight to meditate. All meditations really is is bringing your brain waves down to a quiet, less excited state. In one minute with something as easy as Jigam, you can quiet your brain waves and put yourself into a meditative state. When you’re relaxed, your body can heal itself. It already knows how to—but the overload of constant chatter of thoughts makes the body forget its natural ability to heal and uses its energy to keep up with your chatter instead! Jigam puts your mind into a relaxed state so that healing can happen naturally.

Q: Where can we learn more about this?

Linda: Join our online summit! It’s all about more in depth topics similar to what I just explained. Learning about your energy, how to feel your body, how to break that numb state that you may or may not know you’re in. When you feel your body’s energy first, it’s as if your consciousness wakes up from a deep slumber. So, you must feel energy first. I can’t stress enough how important that is.

Want to experience more learning on similar topics from expert-level perspectives?

Read more about the Energy Healing and Meditation Summit here.
Written by Austin Adams
Austin is a writer and creative mind who loves movies, books and anything artistic. Video games are one of his favorite pastimes, along with working out and staying active. He likes to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also loves the experience of trying new food and drink. He's sort of a walking contradiction.
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