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#120StoryFest Winners Announcement

120StoryFest Winners Announcement
We are pleased to have gathered 49 entries in our Live 120 Years Book Story Fest. All of these heartfelt, and sometimes funny, stories expressed the spirit of I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years by Ilchi Lee. We hope they inspire many people to have the confidence and hope needed to choose a long and healthy life of purpose.

We now announce the winners!

Most Likes: Jennifer Pilapil

Most Creative: D'vusha Kamerman

Most Funny: Nicole Wasserman

Most Touching: Ekaterina Quinones

I remember being excited when I first saw the banner for the book, “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years,” by Ilchi Lee. A few of my relatives had lived into their 90s and beyond, so I didn’t doubt that I could make it past 100. However, none of my longest-lived relatives enjoyed their later years. All my role models for ageing either had a sharp mind trapped in a failing body or (like my Grand Aunt who lived to 107 but couldn’t remember anything past 1968), a strong body housing a failing mind. So as I started thinking about what my life might be like as I aged, my next thoughts were: Only if I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my mind and body would stay strong, that I could still live an active and fulfilling life, would I even WANT to live that long. At the time I believed those things were out of my control, ruled by whatever random sequence of DNA I happened to inherit. Then I read the 120 book and gained an entirely new perspective.

It’s been quite a journey of self-discovery and empowerment from when I first wandered into a Body and Brain center and picked up the 120 book. The book has helped guide me through what has been the healthiest and strongest year of my life so far. When I first started, I had all the symptoms of adrenaline burnout. I was mentally foggy during the day and wide awake at night. I was forgetting things, I was anxious and irritable all the time. I was at my heaviest weight ever and most of the extra pounds were around my belly. I was in my late thirties, stressed, depressed, feeling like the best years of my life were already behind me. Fast-forward 8 months and I’ve lost almost 30 pounds. But emotionally and spiritually, I’ve gained so much more. The book was a catalyst for much-needed growth, teaching me how to nurture both my body and soul in simple ways that were easy to integrate into my life. It has also challenged me to recognize patterns of thought and behavior that have not served me well, and to make better choices going forward. The principles in the book have helped me reconnect with hopes and dreams that I had nearly abandoned when I just didn’t feel well enough to pursue them. Overall, the 120 book and the 120 workbook have provided a framework for me to continue building a more balanced life.

In the very first chapter you are asked to multiply your age by 0.7 to get your true age. That would currently put me at about 27 years old, which is fitting because I feel like I got a second chance to relive the last 10 years of my life. And as a bonus, I gained 80+ years more. Years that I’m now looking forward to as I continue this life-long journey towards wholeness. Now I have over 8 decades to work towards my simple dream of making a positive and lasting impact on the world. Starting with sharing what I have experienced with others so that they can feel empowered to make positive changes in their own lives as well. Where once I dreaded getting older, now I hope to mature into a role model for healthy ageing for younger generations. Much like Ilchi Lee himself. I had the pleasure of seeing Ilchi Lee speak in person this year and it was a pivotal moment in my life. There’s a light and a youthful playfulness that sparkle in his eyes. He has a young heart, and he exudes peace, joy and a natural unselfconscious innocence that I aspire to retain as I get older. I feel that as long as I never lose my sense of wonder with this life or lose sight of the magic that this world can hold, then I will never truly grow old no matter what my age is.

Grand Prize: Williette Wong

The winner of each category will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to ChangeYourEnergy.com. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $200 ChangeYourEnergy.com Gift Certificate.
Written by Michela Mangiaracina
Michela is passionate about empowering people with positive information so that they can make the best decisions for their lives. For this, she brings together a background as a Brain Education and Body & Brain Yoga practitioner and instructor and study in neurobiology and health communication. Her favorite information to share is the principles and practices promoted by CYE founder Ilchi Lee.
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