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6 Easy Ways to Increase Productivity

6 Easy Ways to Increase Productivity
Your brain is one big muscle that needs constant stretching and exercise. For it to function more effectively, you need to provide your brain with proper nutrition and the right balance of rest and activities. And if you would like to boost your brain functions, here are some activities that will help.

1. Get Creative. If you would like to fire up your brain before you dive into some intense studying session, it’s a good idea to try some creative activities first. Doing some creative activities can help boost your brain’s productivity because by doing something creative, you get to experience less stress and anxiety. Painting, sketching, and doing some handicrafts are relaxing activities which can trigger your brain to release more dopamine, a brain chemical that can help boost one’s happiness and productivity.

2. Take Care of Diet. Apart from doing some relaxing activities, you should also give your brain and body the right amount of nutrition that it needs. Fuel up with some good brain food, especially those that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals that can help sharpen your memory, improve your mood and protect your brain against decline. Some food that are good for the brain includes broccoli, oily fish, blueberries, nuts, dark chocolate, and whole grains. If you’d like to constantly keep your brain alert and well-fueled, keep these brain foods available in your kitchen.

3. Allow Yourself to Power Nap. Did you know that taking a power nap is one effective way of boosting your brain’s alertness and productivity? A power nap is a short sleep session that a person takes during the day to help restore their brain’s responsiveness. To take a good power nap session, it’s usually ideal to do this around the afternoon, during the siesta hours. And to make sure that your nap actually helps heighten your brain’s alertness, your nap should only last for around 20 to 30 minutes. Any longer and you might feel groggy and have difficulties feeling awake.

4. Use Opposite Hand. A good way to exercise your brain is by doing something that your not used to doing, such as using your less dominant hand for some normal activities. Using your left hand if you are right handed, or vice versa, is an activity that can help strengthen the neural connections in your brain, and even create new ones. Try to use your opposite hand for writing, brushing your teeth, or controlling your computer’s mouse, and start giving your brains some exercise.

5. Try Something New. Your brain is wired to adapt. It has the ability to adjust and cope to changes. In fact, by introducing changes into your daily routine, you get to improve how your body and brain functions. By trying something new, your brain creates new neural connections to help retain this new type of information that it’s receiving. Try walking a different path on your way to school or add a new routine to your usual exercise sessions, or take on a new hobby that you haven’t tried doing before. These new activities will surely boost your brain functions.

6. Socialize. We are naturally social people. We tend to have the urge to mingle with other people, converse and experience various activities with friends or even new acquaintances. But apart from giving as a sense of belongingness, socializing actually has a neurological benefit. By talking to your friends, you get to reduce stress and anxiety, thus helping your brain function better. It’s also a good way to learn about new things and strengthen your bonds with your friends and loved ones.

Once you’re done trying any of these activities and brain exercises, you will be more prepared to start studying and be more focused in retaining information in your brain. By giving your brain and body the right balance of rest, nutrition and exercise, you will have more opportunities to make the most out of your daily life.
Written by Shireena Sy
Shireena Sy has a passion for medicine, political science, and languages. She is a girl full of surprises and often considers herself a jack-of-all-trades, albeit a master of none. She also enjoys music and plays the piano, ukulele, and guitar.
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