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Belly Button Healing and Pechoti Method for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Belly Button Healing and Pechoti Method for Relaxation and Stress Relief
The belly button is an often overlooked part of our body. But do you know that the belly button epitomizes the inception of life? It is, of course, the connector between an unborn child and its mother inside the womb. It didn’t take very long for Ilchi Lee, the founder of many mind-body training methods, to discover that the belly button is the focal point for sound health of body, mind and spirit.

You may be wondering, how is the belly button so powerful? It’s all about location, location, location. The belly button is near the center of your abdomen and around your center of gravity. It sits over your intestines and major lymph nodes and blood vessels. And it’s near your vagus nerve, which is responsible for the rest and digest functions of your body. Unlike the rest of your abdomen, there’s little to no muscle behind your navel, which makes it the perfect access point to your belly. The rest of your body connect to your belly button by fascial trains that cross right near it. It’s also the entry point for the major energy center in your lower abdomen. Navels are very important reflexology points that stimulate your whole body. So how can you harness the powers of your belly button? One way is to start oiling your belly button. This is done through a technique called the Pechoti Method.

What Is the Pechoti Method?

The Pechoti method is an Ayurvedic method that involves applying a therapeutic oil inside and around your belly button. A number of different oils are commonly used, such as neem oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, castor oil, or essential oils of peppermint, cypress, clary sage, or ginger. One oil trending now is CBD oil (Cannabidiol oil), which comes from the cannabis plant. Choose one that’s right for your needs.

The Pechoti intake technique focuses on the Pechoti gland found behind the belly button. This conceptual gland lies at the end of the umbilical cord in the womb and remains long after the umbilical cord has fallen away after birth. The Pechoti gland is connected to a combination of over 70 million nerves, tissues and organs throughout the body. Astounding figures, but yes, the Pechoti gland is a very powerful little thing.

By applying oil to the belly button, you can stimulate your Pechoti gland into aiding many physical and mental illnesses. In Ayervedic practice, the Pechoti method has been used to relieve dry skin, joint pain, menstrual cramps and other reproductive issues and digestive problems to name a few.

How to Put Oil on the Belly Button
It’s simple: gently apply therapeutic oil in and around your belly button. You can do this by adding the oil drop by drop or by gently applying it with a cotton ball. It’s best to leave it on for at least 20 minutes.

Your Pechoti gland will absorb the oil. When this absorption of the oil in your belly button takes place, you may sense physical and mental improvements in your body. You may enjoy oiling belly button benefits such as better eyesight, joint pain relief, stress reprieve and release of gastrointestinal congestion.

Give it a try. The next time you experience stomachache, sore muscles or even menstrual cramps, apply a little oil to your navel, and watch your body find relief.

In addition to the Pechoti method, there is one other way you can maximise your healing potential via your belly button. Before we delve into this technique, ask yourself, how often do you massage your belly button?

Belly Button Healing After the Pechoti Method
Belly Button Healing is a single-process, self-healing method that stimulates the navel to relieve stress and pain and to provide health and energy. It’s straightforward, and doesn’t need any medical expertise. In fact, the process focuses less on the technique and more on mindset.

When massaging your belly button, you must never apply excessive pressure. The proper way to do belly button massage is to pay attention to changes in your body as you stimulate the navel. By doing this, you’ll gain a deep sense of awareness of pain-inflicted areas of your body that need relief.

Belly Button Healing does a lot more when you have the right mindset. You should always approach the technique with a desire to heal. This will release hormones into your brain and body that then urges them to heal themselves. In time, you will relieve your body of stress and tension, unleash peace and tranquillity and bask in life’s healing energy.

How to Do Belly Button Healing

Belly Button Healing can be done with your hands or with a tool, like the one developed by Ilchi Lee that’s found in the Belly Button Healing Kit. The kit comes with an online course for guidance and a how to-book for practical application. But here is a short step-by-step guide to get you started with your hands.

1. Do your Button Belly Healing sitting or lying down – But this is preferably done lying down. This way you’re more relaxed and can monitor the sensations in your body better.

2. Keep the area clean – If you do Belly Button Healing with your hands, make sure they’re clean first. You should also make sure the oil has been fully absorbed into your skin. Rather than pressing directly on your skin, cover your belly button with a towel or clothing. .

3. Press your belly button gently – Press your belly button repeatedly and rhythmically with either your thumb or the three middle fingers on each hand. Begin lightly. If your body emits pain from slight pressure, it means you have an imbalance in your body that Belly Button Healing can help resolve.

4. Apply a little more pressure – Only do this if you don’t feel pain from slight pressure. Press in all directions around your belly button with a little more pressure to identify areas that hurt. Remember, never press too hard. Your belly button will hurt from extreme pressure even if you’re the healthiest person in the universe.

5. Press painful areas gently - Wherever you experience pain, press the area gently for a few seconds. Afterward, take your hand away and stop for a few seconds. Repeat the pressing intermittently for a full minute or more. As you do this, the pain will slowly ebb away, and you will begin to feel relieved.

6. Massage your belly - To finish, rub around your belly button in a clockwise motion with your palm. This will soothe your belly from the massage exercise. Breathe naturally while you do this for at least a minute, focusing on the condition of your belly button.

Belly Button Healing Exemptions
People with the following medical conditions are advised not to partake in Belly Button Healing:
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients who recently had abdominal surgery
  • People with intestinal disorders
  • People suffering from injuries to the navel
  • Children under the age of 7 years

People suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease and hardening arteries can do Belly Button Healing. However, they must only press lightly to avoid complicating their condition.

Belly Button Healing Benefits
Although the benefits of belly button massage are numerous, here are a few of its standout qualities:

1. Stress relief
Rhythmically stimulating the navel calms brain waves and brings the body and mind from a state of stress to one of rest and digest by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Because of this, and because it strengthens the energy center in the lower abdomen, making you feel grounded, Belly Button Healing aids in balancing out your emotions and increasing the focus of your mind. .

2. Healthy gut
Your navel lies right over your digestive tract, which not only processes food and eliminates waste, it is involved in 75% of blood circulation and immune system function. The bacteria and other microorganisms in your gut are also thought to affect your emotions and decisions. If your gut remains stagnant, your physical, mental, and emotional health could deteriorate. By mechanically stimulating the digestive tract and the blood and lymph vessels around it, Belly Button Healing ensures there is no traffic during the movement of nutrients and blood in your body. It helps to rid your body of toxins and revitalizes your body’s organs.

3. Pain relief
Because the belly button is connected to nerves and fascia that link to your brain and other parts of your body, it is capable of relieving pain. By massaging your belly button, you stimulate nerves, tissues, muscles and joints within your body. This brings in fresh oxygen and blood and can relieve tension in your body caused by neck and other muscle stiffness, sciatica and posture imbalances.

4. Energy recharge
Belly Button Healing’s connection to Eastern medicine makes it a powerful practice for health and life prolongation. By stimulating your belly button, you send vital life force to all parts of the body. This life force, or Ki, is responsible for reinvigorating the body.

5. Immune boost
Belly Button Healing warms up your abdomen. And with improved circulation, that warmth goes all the way to your fingers and toes. Raising body temperature brings up overall immune activity in your body.

The Pechoti method is a fantastic way to improve physical and mental wellbeing. When the Pechoti method and Belly Button Healing are both practiced daily, the benefits are almost endless. Take advantage of this DIY healing technique and witness a transformation in your holistic health.

The Belly Button Healing technique is better done with a Belly Button Healing Kit. The product has a 5-star rating on Amazon. You can buy one and try it out for yourself.
Written by Michela Mangiaracina
Michela is passionate about empowering people with positive information so that they can make the best decisions for their lives. For this, she brings together a background as a Brain Education and Body & Brain Yoga practitioner and instructor and study in neurobiology and health communication. Her favorite information to share is the principles and practices promoted by CYE founder Ilchi Lee.
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