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Eat These 7 Fabulous Foods To Lose Belly Fat

Eat These 7 Fabulous Foods To Lose Belly Fat
Losing belly fat is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to weight loss and sometimes means thinking outside the traditional weight loss box. The removal of specific foods from our diet to reduce the waistline may be good in theory, but sticking to a diet that restricts what we eat could also be laying the groundwork for failure.

Replacing some foods with a healthier alternative may also offer greater weight-loss success, so we look at 7 fabulous foods that can help you lose that tummy fat while not missing out on all the foodie fun. Swapping high calorie, fatty foods for some soluble fibre dense and protein-filled alternatives will keep you fuller for longer, balance out those sugar levels and curb those junk food cravings.

Soba Noodles
Traditional soba noodles are made from buckwheat, though these days, some brands often have added wheat and salt. Check the ingredients on the package before you buy and be sure to get the buckwheat kind for all the awesome weight loss benefits.

Soba noodles are on our list of tummy burning foods because they are versatile and nutritious. For instance, if you have a penchant for Italian food, soba noodles are a great pasta replacement. Gluten-free (despite the name) and full of fibre, soba is higher in protein than wheat noodles. Plenty of fibre and protein are crucial in fighting belly fat.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, buckwheat may balance blood sugar and fight inflammation, both crucial in fighting tummy fat. For those losing weight and still craving pasta, authentic soba noodles are a great find. As long as you're being mindful of your eating habits and portion control.

There are a lot of health claims about quinoa and yet there's not much study to back it up. What we are certain of is that quinoa is high in protein, gluten-free and boasts all nine essential amino acids.

Quinoa is higher in fibre than most grains and full of nutrition (including a couple of awesome flavonoids). So, it’s super good for you as part of a balanced diet. The approximately 2.5 grams of soluble fibre in one cup of quinoa also helps with that tummy bloat and weight loss. Quinoa is a more nutritional alternative to gluten and is less processed than other gluten-free staples, such as tapioca.

Wild Rice
Rice is a food staple around the globe but when mass produced and processed loses lots of it’s nutritional potential. Wild rice is technically a species of grass and not rice but has fewer calories and much more protein than brown rice, yet is similarly used in cooking. Wild rice is nutrient dense and a good source of minerals. It’s a great alternative to pasta, potatoes and rice, as part of a weight-loss diet and it’s also thought to reduce insulin resistance, aiding in fat reduction and reducing overeating.

Sweet Potato
The sweet potato does everything the humble potato can plus much more. It comes in a range of colours and can be roasted, baked, as well as mashed or even turned into chips.

The sweet potato is high in vitamins and minerals such as beta carotene, vitamin C and magnesium, as well as being low in calories and carbohydrates. It's also higher in fibre than the traditional potato, so it’s a great meal replacement. The sweet potato has resistant starch, decreasing the risk of obesity. It gives a feeling of satiety but also has a high sugar content, so, be mindful of portion size which can be a major drawback in reducing that waistline.

Let’s face it, full-fat yoghurt is so much tastier than those low-fat varieties. And while you’ll likely assume that, for weight-loss purposes, low-fat is the way to go, you’d be wrong.

Despite being high in fat, full-fat yoghurts with probiotic bacteria tend to be healthier. These bacteria are essential for a healthy gut which in turn helps with weight loss.

And if you like the occasional sweet treat, yoghurt is a great choice because it’s full of protein and calcium.

So if you want those weight loss benefits, make sure you buy a good quality full-fat yoghurt. Otherwise, you're probably buying a product high in sugar. This could have serious health consequences, such as an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

As part of healthy eating, you can’t beat a yummy bowl of yoghurt with berries. It’s also the perfect addition or side to currier, or even dolloped on your morning muesli.

Commonly considered a superfood, avocados are naturally low in saturated fat but packed full of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which is great for our heart health.

They also contain lots of fibre, making them a low carbohydrate food, an essential as part of a healthy weight loss diet. Avocados are a nutrient-rich fruit, including high levels of Vitamin K, Folate and Vitamin C.

When it comes to cooking and food preparation, they’re also quite versatile. Though you’ll often see the avocado in salads or spread on toast, they’re also the main ingredients of guacamole and can be used as a butter substitute to make chocolate frosting. Avocados are the perfect ingredients for baking and cooking as part of weight loss since they contain no sodium or cholesterol.

This humble fruit is also high in potassium, which is not only great for reducing stomach bloat but crucial for our overall health. Potassium helps to maintain energy levels, which is really important for a healthy, active lifestyle and as part of weight loss.

Nuts may be high fat but they're an incredibly healthy food source and sensible addition to any healthy weight loss program. At least, as long as you’re implementing portion control.

Aside from being great for our health because of the high antioxidant and nutrient content which helps protect us from chronic illness such as heart disease, nuts seem to play a big part in weight loss when used as a snack replacement. Not only that but the high amounts of protein and fat are thought to promote a sense of satiety.

The other benefit of nuts it that there’s such a variety. And regardless of your tastes, you should be able to find one that you love to snack on. Whether it’s the creamy cashew or the rich, earthy brazil nut, they can be added to bread and smoothies too, so they’re a really versatile food.

The Takeaway
Losing belly fat doesn’t have to mean not eating. The foods we’ve listed here will help you feel full so you won't binge. Thanks to the satiety of these foods, you'll also be less tempted to snack late at night too.

Once you achieve a firm stomach, whether through diet and exercise or even a mini tummy tuck, the right nutritional balance is key to maintaining those results. For instance, here’s a video that explains a bit more about the tummy tuck and how a healthy balanced lifestyle affects the long term outcome of the procedure.

The aim is to help you lose belly fat without making you lose your mind. Hunger can play havoc with our general mood which can also lead to emotional eating. The principle is to swap a few foods that we love for something similar. Not only to help reduce tummy fat but also give us the nutrition we need to stay energised and motivated for the day.
Written by Dr. Bernard Beldholm FRACS, FACCS
Dr. Bernard Beldholm FRACS, FACCS is a specialist surgeon with decades of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. Putting the needs of his patients first, Dr. Beldholm takes immense pride in the success of both his practice and his highly qualified team of experts, utilizing the most advanced surgical techniques and continually providing his patients with the results they desire.
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