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4 Lessons from Intuitive Energy Healing

4 Lessons from Intuitive Energy Healing
Intuitive healing is an alternative practice that relies on the use of all five senses to detect and correct the imbalances in the body’s energy flow. Also referred to as insight healing, this practice is mainly based on visualization and focused thinking. If you envision your body as a physical manifestation of energy with blockages that are affecting the energy flow, it makes perfect sense to dismantle them, cleanse your energy, and restore the balance and overall harmony through the holistic connection between the mind, body and soul. If you want to consider intuitive healing to promote health and wellness, here are the biggest lessons you will learn from this mindful practice:

1. Hearing your intuitive voice allows for inner guidance
The inner wisdom you possess, which isn’t judged by the rational mind, is a quiet little voice that is hard to hear when you’re not listening. Instead of coming in the form of words, it usually comes in dreams or even spontaneously in the form of a gut feeling or a strong urge, which makes it easy to miss and even easier to dismiss.

However, when you learn to hear, truly listen to your intuition and trust it completely. Not only will it be able to guide you in the right direction, but it will also help you heal your body and your mind from the inside out.

2. The right food can reawaken your spirit
When you review your intuitive eating habits, you will notice which types of food you gravitate towards most frequently and in which circumstances. This information will shine a light on the internal messages that might be active in your energy system and keeping you from moving deeper into the practices of mindfulness and intuition. For example, crunchy foods are often associated with feelings of anger and anxiety, while sugary foods link to sadness and depression.

These insights might help you uncover your unconscious beliefs, and they can also pave the way for more mindful nutrition that can heal your mind, body and soul. The best example of this might be Ayurvedic medicine, which focuses on eating by the principles of spiritual nutrition and tending to your emotions based on your constitutional and spiritual body type.

3. Intermittent fasting can cleanse your soul
Just as the right food might rekindle your spirit, intermittent fasting can cleanse your whole body and soul. So try choosing a specific window of the day to eat and simply not eat food for the remainder. If you experience problems with your appetite, you can always try to drink more tea to give your body a sensation of fullness.

Apart from shifting your mood and clearing negative thoughts, intermittent fasting has been shown to be extremely effective in detoxing your body.

4. Developing an awareness of negative thoughts and beliefs
The world we live in today has a dreadful habit of putting a negative spin on almost every event, and that negativity can be highly contagious (and addictive). You might not even realize how self-damaging some of your current beliefs are or the media you consume through the news or social media.

Try to become more aware of the information that you “consume.” By choosing to consume positive thoughts, you’ll start possessing the ability to quite literally change the structure of your DNA through energy.

You must have noticed that people who are completely in love with life have a certain exuberant energy that surrounds them, regardless of their age, while some negative and cynical people look old and worn out despite being in the bloom of youth. The conclusion here is quite simple – you cannot separate the body from the mind.

Although getting used to intuitive guidance might take a bit of time and practice, now that you know some of the life lessons you can learn from intuitive healing, try implementing them to improve your health and your overall well-being from the inside out.
Written by Lauren Laporte
Lauren Laporte is a regular health and wellness blogger at ripped.me, as well as a survivor of many restrictive dietary regimes. She loves writing about her journey of renouncing the prescriptive approach to nutrition and advocating for mindful and observation practice when it comes to eating. Your body is speaking to you. Your job is to listen quietly, not force interpretations. It’s her life-goal to spread this wisdom to as many people as possible so that they can tune out of restrictions, and tune in to their own bodies.
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