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Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or any other holiday—it’s all about giving joy to the ones you love. We’ve put together some of our favorite items to gift the ones on your list who’ve been nice this year. You’ll find something here for everyone no matter what type of person and budget!

Belly Button Healing Kit

Ideal for: Someone with digestive issues, hormonal problems, insomnia, poor circulation, lots of daily stress

“All disease begins in the gut,” is a famous quote from Hippocrates from around 400 BC that modern science is agreeing with more and more. The Belly Button Healing Kit makes our list this year because it really is a one-tool-fixes-all. Common modern day diseases can be traced to the gut, which gets tight from stress and can carry toxins that wreak havoc on your digestion, hormone production, immunity, food sensitivity, sleep and much more. The Belly Button Healing Kit contains a wand, book, and online course to help you learn proper ways to massage your gut, eliminate toxins, and keep your bowel movements regular and healthy.

Chaga Tea

Ideal for: A trendy, health-conscious millennial OR someone with chronic inflammation

The WIld Remedies Premium Instant Chaga Tea is probably the trendiest tea around! Made of dual extracted chaga from Siberia, this tea comes in loose powder form and when compared gram-for-gram, contains the highest antioxidant level of any natural food on Earth. It takes just a little amount mixed with hot water to produce a magical elixir used by shamans to treat everything from lethargy to the common cold to intestinal pain and tumors. This tea makes a great stocking stuffer for the hip, health-conscious millennial on your list or anyone you know who wants relief from chronic gut or body inflammation.

LifeParticle Stickers

Ideal for: Young kids and teens OR someone who is crafty, artsy, and loves decorating

The LifeParticle Stickers are probably the most underrated and overlooked item in our shop. Who doesn’t love stickers (think: kids, teens, and even adults), and who especially doesn’t love stickers that symbolize positive, spiritual energy? The LifeParticle image is based on sacred geometry and was created by Ilchi Lee, our Founder and meditation teacher, who visualized this shape during a deep state of meditation. This makes a great stocking stuffer for the youngsters on your list or anyone who’s into crafting and loves decorating their water bottles, phone cases, laptops, or notebooks with cool stickers.

Face Roller

Ideal for: A beauty product lover OR someone who is looking for relief from face/eye puffiness and headaches

Say bye bye to under eye and face puffiness! This face roller is a must-have beauty staple for anyone who loves taking care of their face. It comes in two colors made of two different stones: jade and rose quartz. A pro tip is to stick these in the freezer so they get cold, then roll it onto your face to relieve sunburns and even headaches. Trending beauty bloggers suggest rolling your face after moisturizing to allow the cream to soak into your skin better. This makes a great, affordable gift and includes instructions on how to use it.

Face Mask

Ideal for: A busy go-getter who travels often with little time to keep his/her skin looking great OR someone who wants an easy, mess-free solution for hydrating, firming, nourishing, and soothing the skin

These face masks make the perfect complement to the face roller. They come in a pack of 5 sheets that you simply lay on top of a clean, washed face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. If you want to let the serums soak into your skin better, we recommend using the face roller to massage your face as you wait for the mask sheet to dry. We use these them once a week before going to bed to keep our skin hydrated and nourished! They’re easy packable and mess-free, which makes them great to take with you during your travels. Perfect gifts for a busy go-getter who travels often and doesn’t have much time but wants to keep his or her skin looking great.

Connect by Ilchi Lee

Ideal for: A spiritual seeker interested in learning about practical tips for opening the third eye

If you have someone on your list who is a spiritual seeker, look no further than gifting this book. Connect by Ilchi Lee is an easy-to-read and very practical guide on a topic that has interested spiritual seekers for millennia: how to open the pineal gland a.k.a. third eye. This is typically a complex topic that can get confusing very quickly, but we were surprised at how easy the information has been presented by the author. A very light read by Ilchi Lee on a heavy topic that has been modernized in the book to be accessible and applicable to many.

LifeParticle Necklace

Ideal for: A mom or in-law who deserves something nicer than ordinary OR someone who likes jewelry with high vibrational spiritual energy

A pretty piece of jewelry with high vibrational energy! This LifeParticle Necklace contains the image of the LifeParticle Sun that Ilchi Lee, our Founder and meditation teacher, saw during a deep state of meditation. This makes a great gift for the one on your list who deserves something nicer than ordinary and can benefit from wearing a jewelry with high vibrational art. Both the pendant and chain are made of sterling silver, which make them tarnish resistant. Comes in a nice jewelry box that can be easily wrapped with paper or put in a bag and voilà—the perfect gift!

Hwangchil Tea

Ideal for: A hostess gift OR someone who enjoys premium teas

Hwangchil Tea is made of leaves that come from the Dendropanax mobifera tree, an adaptogenic herb from the ginseng family. It offers a very mild taste that’s light enough for those with sensitive taste buds and brews to a light green color. Hwangchil tea is a high-end, premium tea that makes an excellent tonic for calming the nervous system. This makes a great gift for “the hostess that deserves the mostest,” since it is very upscale and nicely packaged.

Hot/Cold Packs

Ideal for: Someone who loves handmade gifts OR someone with muscle pain, headaches, and/or menstrual cramps

Our adorable heart-shaped hot/cold packs are all handmade with love from Phoenix, Arizona! The outer lining is 100% cotton and the inside is filled with rice, which makes them safe to heat in the microwave AND freeze in the freezer. You can use them either as a hot pack or cold compress to relieve muscle pain, headaches, and/or menstrual cramps. Comes in different colors that are suitable to be gifted to both women and men.

Multi Function Lower Back Bolster

Ideal for: A frequent traveler OR Someone with head, neck, shoulder, lower back, tail bone, calf, and/or ankle pain

Getting rid of pain along your back has never been easier! This Multi Function Lower Back Bolster is truly multi-functional because you can use it on more places than just your lower back. Place it underneath your head, neck, lower back, tail bone, calf, and ankles and experience self-massage in areas that you typically can’t reach on your own and need someone to massage for you. Lightweight and easily packable in a suitcase, this tool makes a great travel companion to relieve daily fatigue, tension and stress.

Detox Healing Energy Tea

Ideal for: Someone who’s into Chinese Medicine OR someone who wants to detox heavy metals from the blood

The Detox Healing Energy Tea consists of just four herbs based in Chinese Medicine to draw out heavy metals from the blood. It offers a robust, Earthy taste with a slight hint of sweetness and brews to a malty, brown color. Comes in 15 teabags with the perfect amount to make one 16oz cup so you can brew them easily on-the-go. Perfect for someone who is looking for a tea that makes you feel grounded and centered.

And an added bonus….

Amethyst BioMat

Ideal for: Someone with chronic inflammation, poor circulation, muscle tension, cold hands and feet

We had to add this to our holiday gift guide, because this mat is truly AMAZING. We can’t rave enough about the Amethyst BioMat, which is made of real amethyst crystals that produce a wide range of benefits when heated up. For starters, it produces negative ions that helps reduce inflammation and promote rapid cellular turnover. The heat from the BioMat distributes more evenly and penetrates the skin deeper than other heating pads or blankets, which helps ease muscle tension and can even help people with insomnia fall asleep faster and deeper. If you don’t like the heat, just plug it in and it works as an EMF shield against wifi and cellular radiation. Perfect for these winter months to use in your living room while watching TV or place it on your bed to use while sleeping.
Written by Linda Yoonjin
Linda Yoonjin is the Director of Change Your Energy. She teaches live yoga classes and webinars on our site and meets Premium Members 1-on-1 through online sessions. She enjoys hiking in nature and her favorite place to travel is New Zealand.
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