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New Ilchi Lee Book on One Key Energy Principle for a Lifetime of Health

New Ilchi Lee Book on One Key Energy Principle for a Lifetime of Health
Get an in-depth look at the one principle you need to take care of your health in Change Your Energy founder Ilchi Lee’s new book, Water Up Fire Down: An Energy Principle for Creating Calmness, Clarity, and a Lifetime of Health.

This principle describes energy circulation in the body, as uncovered by thousands of years of study in Asian medicine. Ilchi Lee has taught this principle throughout his 40-year career, and it forms the basis of the mind-body methods he’s developed.

What is this one principle?

Keep your head cool and your belly warm.

How can this simple idea affect your health? Think about how you feel when you’re “cool-headed.” You’re calm and able to think clearly, right? You’re not stressed, and you don’t reach for a tub of ice cream in a haze of anxiety and worry. You’re able to make plans and rational decisions, and find better solutions to the challenges you face.

What about when you have a “fire in your belly”? What characteristics does that common saying bring to mind? You may think of being passionate, ready for action, and overflowing with energy and vitality.

When your gut is warm, it’s also relaxed, so good can move through your intestines more easily. Your blood vessels dilate and your blood circulates better, making your hands and feet warm and bringing nutrients to the rest of the body more quickly. Your immunity also increases at higher core temperatures, and you have healthier gut flora.

Overall, keeping a cool head and a warm belly means maintaining the balance in your body and mind so that they can face all the stresses and challenges life throws at us while staying healthy.

Water Up Fire Down shows you how to do this. In it, Ilchi Lee brings out his signature qigong, breathing, and visualization exercises to help you make the right energy flow for a cool head and warm belly. He keeps it simple, so you can immediately understand and apply the ideas and exercises to your daily routine.

What Experts Think

The book comes recommended by Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, who said, “I love this book. It is short, sweet, practical, fun to read, and it is written by a master! Ilchi Lee’s warmth, energy, and passion comes through as he teaches you how to understand your own body’s energies, to read them, and to nourish them. It is an important book for these challenging times!”

Medical doctor and author of The Doctor in the Mirror Dr. Reed Tuckson wrote, “In Water Up Fire Down, Ilchi provides important and useful guidance on how each of us can take better control over our thoughts and emotions to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. As a result of reading this important new work, I have become even more committed to my daily focus on breathing, meditation, exercise and awareness.”

Water Up Fire Down may seem simple on the surface, but it is profound in its depth,” writes cardiologist Dr. Harvey White, author of On LIFE: Thoughts on Life’s Challenges. “Ilchi Lee demonstrates his deep understanding of the laws of nature . . . and harnesses these principles to teach each of us how to grow healthier; both to thwart the current world-gripping pandemic, as well as to achieve more everlasting balance and peace.”

Why This Book

There are tons of books on energy healing, meditation, qigong, breathing, and stress relief out there, but Water Up Fire Down has a special sauce. Its strength lies in its simplicity. Rather than giving you a lot to learn, do, and figure out, it boils self-care down into one thing: Keep your head cool and your belly warm. And that will create ripples through your whole life.

Water Up Fire Down will be released November 9, 2020. During the pre-order period, you can get free video routines for making Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation in your body. Let CYE’s own Linda Yoonjin lead you in morning and evening energy routines and follow senior Body & Brain master Chungsuk in a special qigong form he developed just for the book.

Learn more at WaterUpFireDown.com.
Written by Michela Mangiaracina
Michela is passionate about empowering people with positive information so that they can make the best decisions for their lives. For this, she brings together a background as a Brain Education and Body & Brain Yoga practitioner and instructor and study in neurobiology and health communication. Her favorite information to share is the principles and practices promoted by CYE founder Ilchi Lee.
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