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5 Herbs to Help You Cope With Depression

5 Herbs to Help You Cope With Depression
In today's fast-paced world, depression has become a lifestyle problem affecting many people. Unfortunately, without intervention, depression can escalate and trigger serious complications. Did you know that the World Health Organization declared depression as the leading cause of several ailments and disabilities worldwide?

People in developing and developed nations suffer from mental health conditions alike and there has been an alarming increase in the percentage of people with depression in the last decade. According to the CDC, 1 in 13 Americans above the age of 12 report signs of depression. Most people fail to address the problem due to the stigma associated with the condition. The lack of support from people when someone suffers with depression also makes the issue worse. Fortunately, along with conventional treatments, you can ease and manage symptoms of depression with popular natural herbs.

What Is Depression?
Depression can affect anyone at any age. It is a mood disorder triggering several symptoms such as:

  • A feeling of sadness, emptiness, or unhappiness
  • Loss of interest in engaging activities
  • Feeling lonely
  • Changes in appetite
  • Guilty feeling
  • Restlessness or anxiety
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Trouble making decision
  • Angry outbursts or irrational reactions
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Unexplained pain
  • Thoughts of suicide or death


Managing Depression
Living with depression is not easy. Getting treatment most often becomes the only option to improve symptoms and the quality of life. Consult your doctor to discuss the possible options available depending on your symptoms. With one or more forms of treatment and a healthy lifestyle, you can deal with the condition. In most cases, a combination of treatments can offer the best results.

The most common treatment options to deal with depression are

  • Anti-anxiety, antidepressants, and antipsychotic medications
  • Speak with a therapist to undergo psychotherapy and learn skills to combat negative feelings
  • Regulate mood associated with depression with exposure to white light doses

Currently, people are getting more interested in opting for natural remedies to help treat various ailments. Alternative therapy using herbs in supplements, foods, or essential oils can offer benefits like easing anxiety symptoms to people with depression. The following are some effective herbs to manage symptoms of depression:

1. CBD Concentrate
CBD is a natural compound effective in easing aches and pains, relieving anxiety, boosting mood, and more. CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive component in marijuana that makes a person high. Incidentally, using CBD products offers relaxation without making you feel high.

According to studies, CBD products can ease depression symptoms and bring about soothing changes in your body by inhibiting the breakdown of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. Therefore, you can feel an anti-stress and relaxation effect.

2. Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha is a famous herb used in Ayurvedic preparations. It has anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and anti-inflammatory properties that help with physical and emotional fatigue, managing mood swings, boosting focus, enhancing mental alertness, and restoring normal physiological functioning.

3. Ginseng
Chinese traditional medicine has used the neuroprotective abilities of ginseng for several centuries to treat symptoms of stress and depression. Many people take the herb to overcome low energy and lack of motivation caused by depression. Ginseng is also useful in improving memory and preventing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Chamomile
Chamomile has soothing and anti-anxiety properties that can help with managing anxiety and depression. Apart from easing depressive symptoms, chamomile can also improve sleep, reduce skin irritation, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation.

5. Lavender
Lavender can help you reduce mood disturbances, get a better night’s sleep, and lower anxiety levels. Studies have shown that lavender deeply penetrates the sense of smell and prompts your brain to release serotonin and dopamine. Applying lavender oil on your skin can help you deal with various neurological disorders.

Depression is a serious condition affecting your personal and professional relationships. Mental illness can cause hopelessness. At times, you may fear the treatments may fail. But, you need to remain patient to see results. You can discuss the treatment options with your health professional. Seek help until you see improvement in the symptoms.
Written by Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson is a professional freelance content specialist with a keen interest for reading and writing about mental health. She has 5 years of experience in content management and enjoys living as a freelancer. She enhances her life through yoga classes, music, working out, and healthy cooking!
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