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Relationships and Eco-Friendly Living: Going Green in Life and Love

Relationships and EcoFriendly Living Going Green in Life and Love
What is the eco-lifestyle? We all have a carbon footprint. But many strive to lower theirs, and if possible, delete it altogether. Many have taken up the mantle of planet-friendly guardians that endeavor in the thankless task of making the earth more habitable for future generations. But it, like relationships, can be a lot of work.

So, is an eco-lifestyle worth it? Is it possible to find a balance between it and maintaining a relationship? There is no absolute answer. If you have the right partner, it definitely is. But if you are in a long-term relationship and planning some eco-friendly changes, your partner might have trouble adapting.

Living and Loving in an Eco-lifestyle

There are plenty of ways to ease your partner into this new lifestyle decision, while making your own life sustainable and, in many ways, healthier. The eco-lifestyle definition is any action taken to lower your impact on the world while being environmentally friendly.

The problem lies in the numbers. One person deciding for themselves is an easy equation. The presence of two people infinitely complicates the math. So, both parties must be on board to lower the collective carbon footprint, not just the individual one of each of them. And, while most eco-lifestyle guide books can help, they are geared toward individual goals.

So, how do you maintain a relationship when your passion is something as huge as saving the world? Well, that’s simple. You just start small and work your way up. Here are some examples:

1. From Routine to Sustainable

When you have a routine, you are on autopilot. You just do it because you have programmed yourself to do it. This is an easy way to become sustainable. You have to program your body to do certain things as part of your daily routine. You probably already have a sustainable routine. How often do you actually think about recycling before you just do it?

2. Have a Chat

The best thing you can do in a relationship, no matter how big or small, is to communicate with your partner and talk it out. Let them know why you are passionate about your zero-waste lifestyle, why it matters long term, and how it will affect your future children. You can also start an an eco-lifestyle blog to share your experiences. Consider getting him or her a small sustainable present, something like a bamboo toothbrush. This can be a great start to their eco-friendly journey.

3. Make it Sexy

It sounds silly, but there are plenty of people on dating sites looking for planet-friendly partners. So, when you take these carbon-neutral folks on a first date, do something that exemplifies your desire to be part of the solution. There are many ideas you might be able to spin into a fun and sustainable date plan.

4. Pave the Way

Set your own trend and show others how to do it in a non-pervasive way. No one wants to be bullied into doing anything, even if it is the right thing. Instead, lead by example, and your partner will support you through the pride they have in you.

5. Pay It Forward

Someone taught you how to live a more carbon-neutral life, and you want to share the love? Then give someone else a similar gift in kind. If you know someone who is on the fence but loves to read, give them an eco-lifestyle magazine subscription. For a loved one, a zero-waste present is always a welcome treat. There are many options if you are inventive enough.

6. Share the Mantle

We are about to blow your mind. Are you ready? Here it comes… You cannot do this alone. There. We said it. And no, it isn’t said to be mean or to snuff out your flame of planet-friendly passion. You need support, and you need a culture to help. The world is just too big to be saved by one person. So, get your message out there and rally the troops.

7. It Is Ok to Falter

Whether it is your eco-lifestyle and home that is a magnet for frustration or your coworker’s apathy that is driving you bonkers, don’t let it stress you out. You can only do what you can do. This is where having a support system is important. They can help keep you centered during the rough patches.

So, circling back, is the eco-lifestyle worth it? It is. But it will be hard at first, so embrace that you will slip, you will make mistakes, and there will be some growing pains. It is also worthwhile to note that this might be a hurdle in your relationship. But if you follow our tips, and above all, communicate, then you are going to be ok. Either way, stay true to yourself and steadfast in your resolve. Have you done anything planet-friendly this week that you would like to share?

Written by Miranda Davis
Miranda Davis is a freelance writer on the topics of relationships and psychology. Her favorite topics to write about are building healthy relationships, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life. Miranda loves cooking and walking.
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