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10 Body Signs Warning Health Problems

10 Body Signs Warning Health Problems
Most of us try our hardest to stay healthy. At the very least, no one really goes out of their way to get sick, right? The problem is, we can still sometimes find ourselves going down with something despite our best efforts. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to get various ailments treated now. The trick is to recognize the top warning signs that our body sends out to alert us when something’s wrong.

Always Tired

It’s pretty normal to experience fatigue after a long and hectic day. In fact, to feel lethargic even a couple of days after returning from a family trip is still acceptable. What’s not okay, though, is to feel tired and weak all the time.

Lethargy is a symptom of many ailments including thyroid problems, issues in adrenal glands, or attacks against your immune system.

Can’t Sleep

Insomnia is an issue that must never be underestimated. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, sleep is critical in one’s bodily and cognitive functions. You simply won’t be able to function without it.

Hence, it leaves your body vulnerable to get sick, if it’s not a sign that there’s something wrong already. Maybe you are constantly tired because of burnout, you should reconsider your daily routine, think about your mental health, especially nowadays when many of us are suffering from return to the office anxiety issues and the “new normal” of the world . Try yoga, calm down your body and your soul and that can improve your sleeping and make you feel relaxed.

Stomach Pain

This symptom is commonly attributed to digestive issues. It is one of the signs of food poisoning or constipation, after all. Beyond these issues, though, it can also be a symptom that your body is rejecting nutrition right now (which can then point out to a possible infection), you’re experiencing mental health issues, or can even be a signal that a heart attack is happening.

One of the ways to rule out food poisoning is by constantly preventing the cross-contamination of the food and drinks you consume. For instance, always wash your hands before every meal, or at the very least, give them a good wipe down with disinfecting wipes or spray.

One more thing, be attentive to your kitchen cleaning and disinfection to reduce the spread of germs and microorganisms that can harm your health in different ways.

Pain that Spreads to the Arm

Aside from stomach pain, another pressing symptom that a heart attack is imminent (or currently happening) is a pain that radiates outwards from the left side of your chest to your arm. It is also possible to have no chest pain at all but still have a heart issue with just a painful left arm.

Chest Discomfort

Since we are already talking about the symptoms of a heart problem, then we certainly can’t leave out chest pain. It is the most common sign that there’s something wrong with your heart, after all.

The main problem with chest discomfort, though, is that the experience is unique for everyone. Some people may feel that there’s heavy pressure on their chest. Others report tightness or numbing. Meanwhile, we’ve also received reports of burning or pinching.

Regardless of what kind of pain you feel, we always recommend seeking emergency medical attention if the pain becomes unbearable and unceasing after a few minutes.

In fact, according to the toxins that your body is getting rid of, that you have consumed something that you’re allergic to, or you’re undergoing extreme emotional or psychological stress.

Regular Headaches

Chest pain is to cardiovascular system issues as a headache is to nervous system issues. According to the World Health Organization, recurrent headaches are a very common issue. In fact, 50% of adults aged 18 to 65 worldwide experience some form of headache disorder or another.

It can be a health issue on its own, or more problematically, can be a symptom of a much severe condition. To make matters worse, it is also one of the most underestimated and undertreated conditions in the world.

Unexpected Weight Loss and Unexplained Weight Gain

Gradual weight fluctuations are normal, especially if you’re making a conscious effort to lose or gain weight. According to an article published by the Rush University Medical Center, weight fluctuations are also a normal occurrence as we age as a result of decreased physical activity and rate of metabolism.

It can be quite problematic, though, if your weight changes are a little extreme and seemingly unexplainable. Apparently, this is a symptom of several health issues like hypothyroidism, heart disease, kidney disease, and poor mental health.

Losing a Lot of Hair

All of the symptoms that we have shared so far can definitely impact one’s quality of life. However, the effect of hair loss on our self-esteem is simply at another level entirely. It’s one of those symptoms that can be hard to ignore.

At the very least, it is a good indicator that your body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Your Legs, Feet, and Ankles Are Swollen

Finally, another red flag that your body is not functioning properly is the swelling of your legs, feet, and ankles. It can be a sign of clotting, infection, or unhealthy retention of salt and water (that further suggests heart, kidney, or liver disease).

To Sum up

These are not the only symptoms that you might experience if there’s something wrong with your health, but the ones listed above are definitely among the most common. If there’s one thing that we’d like you to take away from our article, it’s this: to never be afraid to consult your doctor. The earlier you can get diagnosed with any medical condition, the earlier you can get it treated as well.
Written by Mariam N
Mariam is a Hygiene Specialist working with SONO Healthcare. She has been interested in health since she was young and wants to share her knowledge and experience with others. Mariam is deeply convinced that house cleaning is a critical part of hygiene. On a regular basis, she delivers new cleaning expert advice on how to treat products, tools, different items, which sometimes includes medical instruments and equipment.
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