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Using Music to Improve Your Energy and Health

Using Music to Improve Your Energy and Health
If you’re a music lover, you probably already know many of the benefits it has to offer. Music is a natural mood-booster, it can improve your mental well-being, and can even improve your productivity and focus.

But, have you ever considered how effective music can be in improving your energy and overall health?

If not, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised – especially if music is a major part of your life.

Whether you’ve been feeling fatigued, you’re looking for a mid-day pick-me-up, or you just want to live each day with more energy, music can help. Let’s cover a few ways you can incorporate more music into your life to boost your energy and health.

The Right Soundtrack for Physical Health

No question listening to the right music can help you power through a workout. Just hearing “Eye of the Tiger” can make you feel like Rocky Balboa. So, if you’re trying to be more physically active, consider incorporating music into your exercise routine.

The best workout music is anything that will touch you, personally. You should be able to connect with the lyrics in a way that motivates you and pushes you through even the hardest routines. But, it’s also a good idea to choose songs with certain characteristics, including:

  • Songs that have 130-140bpm
  • Uplifting melodies
  • Meaningful and motivating lyrics
  • Bass-driven music
  • Highly-rhythmic

The songs you choose might be different depending on the type of workout you’re into. Whether you’re trying to connect with yourself on a deeper level through meditative dance, or you’re more interested in heating up your aerobic workouts, music with different tempos and rhythms can give you the energy needed to power through anything. Not only will that help to improve your physical health, but exercising is a natural mental health booster, too!

Creating a Safe Space in Your Mind

We’re living in a stressful and uncertain time. People are busier than ever. Whether you’re working long hours, driving kids around, or trying to keep up with your social life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by life itself.

Unfortunately, that can leave you regularly feeling drained and fatigued. Be honest: how often do you reach for that extra cup of coffee or energy drink in the afternoon?

You might be able to avoid that if you take some time to make music part of your meditation and mindfulness strategy.

Multiple studies have shown how meditation can help to reduce stress levels, as well as feelings of anxiety. As a result, you won’t feel as drained and depleted, and you’ll have more energy to get things done with extra time to spare. Scheduling specific time to meditate or practice mindfulness can make a big difference in your day.

Using music as a part of that practice can make it easier to give in to the moment and let yourself escape to an ideal safe place in your mind. Music is a fantastic way to enhance any environment, so you’ll be able to be more in-tune with your senses, as well as your surroundings. For meditative purposes, consider using music without lyrics, and melodies that will help you to feel calm and safe without distracting you. Music has incredible healing powers and can make a big difference in how effective your meditation is.

Including Music in Your Self-Care Routine

Practicing self-care, in general, can help to improve your energy as well as your mental well-being. Incorporating music into your self-care practices can take them even further.

You can specifically make music a big part of your self-care routine. Consider learning an instrument or writing a song. Even singing out loud can help to reduce stress and boost your mood.

Or, you can find ways to bring music into your existing self-care practices, including listening to it while you:

  • Go for a run
  • Write in your journal
  • Cook a healthy meal
  • Take a relaxing bath

Even simple things like spending time with your dog can be made better by bringing music into the situation. How much more effective would a cuddle session with your four-legged friend be if you’re listening to a song that soothes you both? Yes, music reduces anxiety for dogs, too. It can also improve your sleep, so listening to it while you share your bed with your pet at night can help you to get more shut-eye and feel energized in the morning.

When you take the time to fully understand the healing and energy-boosting properties of music, you’ll be able to value it as something more than entertainment. Using the right music for different parts of your life and routine can make a big difference in how you feel. Start incorporating it into everything from your workouts to your meditation sessions, or even have it playing in the background as you go through your morning routine. You might be surprised how much of an effect it has on boosting your mood, your energy, and your well-being.
Written by Sam Bowman
Sam Bowman has a passion for health and wellness. As a seasoned professional writer, he specializes in topics about people, tech, healthcare and how they merge. In his spare time he likes running, reading, and combining the two in a run to his local bookstore.
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