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How to Choose Art for Your Space

How to Choose Art for Your Space
What you put on your walls matters.

Whether you notice it or not, every moment you’re in that space, you’re feeding your inner being with something. Even that artwork on the wall that you don’t even notice anymore is teaching your subconscious mind what to think about and how to feel.

What’s on the walls of your home right now? How about your office? Does it truly match the energy of the life you want? Even if it was a good fit in the past, what’s important is who you are today and what you want to be now.

If it’s time to upgrade the energy of your space, here are 4 ways to choose the right art to bless your walls… and your life.

1. Subject Matter — Pick art that reminds you of your values. Is it family that’s important to you? Nature? Spirituality? Whatever it is, choose artwork that depicts those things in a way that makes you feel deeply… so you’ll always remember to keep that thing at the forefront of your life.

2. Color Feelings — Some of the associations you have with colors will depend on your culture, but there are also some universal truths about how different colors make us feel. Either way, choose artwork featuring colors that give you the feeling you want in that room.

A few examples:


    - blues tend to be calming and peaceful
    - yellows and oranges
    are uplifting and cheerful
    - greens
    can evoke nature, soothing or enlivening depending on their tone
    - reds
    can be passionate, bold and stimulating
    - neutral or muted colors
    are less stimulating than saturated vibrant tones

3. Chakra Colors — Your 7 chakras are energy centers in the body that govern different aspects of your life including the physical, emotional and spiritual. Each chakra also has a color associated with it, so you could choose art in the color of the chakras that you need to cultivate:


    1st chakra (deep red) — governs foundational physical needs and instincts. A healthy 1st chakra supports a sense of safety and wellbeing, confidence in your own capacity, a healthy sense of belonging, and trust in the Universe to provide for your needs.

    2nd chakra (red-orange) — the most important chakra for overall physical health. A strong 2nd chakra brings robust physical vitality, grounded regulation of emotions, and the ability to move through life with proactive confidence.

    3rd chakra (orange) — governs your will to move toward dreams and goals. With a healthy 3rd chakra, you won’t just have ideas about what you want to create in life; you’ll have sufficient will to bring it to fruition.

    4th chakra (golden yellow) — the seat of the heart and all your emotional experience. An open 4th chakra gives you the ability to face the world with an open mind and loving heart. It takes you beyond yourself to commune with others and experience connection and oneness.

    5th chakra (blue-green) — governs self-expression; your literal and metaphorical voice. With a balanced 5th chakra, you’re able to first listen to your inner voice, and then develop and express it in the world… to touch the lives of those around you and celebrate your common divinity.

    6th chakra (deep blue/indigo) — the “third eye”, home of your spiritual and intuitive self. An open 6th chakra gives you a “knowingness” beyond the rational mind, insight beyond the physical, and a sense that you’ve found your life purpose.

    7th chakra (purple) — the chakra of divinity. Upon death, it’s the 7th chakra through which we leave the body and return to the celestial plane. Opening this chakra now gives you a direct connection to divine heavenly energy so you can move through life on the path of “enlightenment”.

4. Intuition — Close your eyes and focus inside your body. Connect to your heart center and sincerely ask it what type of energy you most need more of in your life. The answer may come as a word or an image, but it’s also perfectly ok to let the answer just be a felt body sense. When you have your answer, keeping this connection within, gently open your eyes and look at the art options you’re choosing from. See which one calls to you as the energy you’re looking for.

Throughout May, we’ve been featuring the gorgeous energy art of Jisu Han. She’s an accomplished artist and experienced meditator, so there’s a lot of intentionality in her process. Her art is designed to speak to your deeper self, and we think you’ll really feel it.

Check out her paintings in our shop and choose the expressions that will be perfect for your space — they’re only available until May 31st!
Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
Kris is a loving, creative soul with a deep personal healing story. Mindbody practices, energy work and meditation changed her life back in 2006, and today, she’s inspired to share these tools with as many people as possible to help them live happier, healthier lives. In addition to writing, teaching, and coaching, Kris is also a visual artist with a passion for using art to uplift, inspire, heal and transform.
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