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From Trash to Transformation: The Spirit of Change Your Energy

From Trash to Transformation The Spirit of Change Your Energy
This month we celebrate the 9th anniversary of Change Your Energy, but the seeds of all that we do were planted many decades ago… in a pile of trash in South Korea.

This is a story about the founder of Change Your Energy, Ilchi Lee, as a young man. If you know anything about who he is today — a global leader and visionary in meditation, energy, healing and education — it might surprise you.

Here’s what happened…

He was staring at a stinking, putrid pile of trash.

It was summer, and during an aimless walk in his hometown, he had come upon this mess of garbage under a bridge, rotting in the heat. It was a huge pile; people had probably been dumping things there, discarding what they no longer saw value in, for a long time.

Looking at the horrid-smelling scene, Ilchi Lee had a thought:

I am like this trash.

As a teenager, his mind was very dark. He couldn’t find meaning in anything, and he thought he was worthless because he had ADHD and couldn't focus at school. His parents had big hopes for their firstborn son, but instead he had become the family's disappointment, failing to get into college twice. In his mind, all his friends, neighbors and relatives were whispering bad things about him behind his back, and there wasn’t a single person that saw any potential in him.

So when he came upon the scene beneath the bridge, it stirred his feelings. He cried over the garbage, wondering if there was really no hope for it, no hope for himself.

Can you believe that a person who, today, is a bestselling author, world renown meditation and energy expert, founder of multiple companies, a university, and so many other things… once thought he was a hopeless pile of trash?

Have you ever felt something like that? I have. Back in 2006, I was a very depressed twenty-six year old. Despite having a prestigious education and the beginnings of an international career, I felt worthless inside. I couldn’t get through a single day without crying, and I didn’t understand how other people were so happy with their lives while I couldn’t find my way out of my dark hole no matter how hard I tried.

But then one day I did something that would completely change my life. I walked into a yoga studio where they were teaching the same principles and practices that we offer here at Change Your Energy — the same ones that are based on Ilchi Lee’s life work of helping people discover their vast inner potential and their true selves through ancient healing wisdom.

At that studio, I learned how my body, my emotions, and my spiritual self are all connected. I learned about energy, and how to tap into it to peel away layers of trauma, wounding, and misconceptions about who I was and what I could have in life. And I discovered myself as a powerful person with the capacity for great health, love, and more fulfillment than I ever dreamed possible.

If, like me, you’ve ever doubted that you could have more in life… the health you want, the relationships, love, happiness, fulfillment… If you’ve ever struggled to feel worthy, or if there are places where all you can see is what’s not working and you don’t quite know what to do…

Listen to the rest of young Ilchi Lee’s story…

After staring at the stinking pile of trash for a few minutes, he had a new thought: “I'll give hope to that trash.

Considering that up to that point he didn't think he could ever give hope to anyone, it was a revolutionary thought.

He decided to clear away the trash and bury it in holes in an empty clearing on a mountain. That way, the neighbors would no longer be plagued by the stench. The trash could become fertilizer, and he’d plant pumpkins.

Starting that day, he loaded the garbage on a wooden carrier and took it up to the mountain countless times throughout the summer. It was stinky, painful, and people thought he was crazy. His mother watched him become bruised and scraped up, and in tears, she begged him to stop. The neighbors said he had finally lost his mind. Yet he went to work on his goal every morning, his whole body overflowing with the energy of his conviction.

The result?

The pumpkins he planted in the old fertilizer grew so full that it looked like the hole was a bursting pumpkin field. Even after giving them away to all the neighbors, there were so many left that all the cows in the town were fed pumpkins for the whole season.

More importantly, Ilchi Lee discovered his self worth for the first time in his life. He now felt proud that he was a good person who could do good things, and he started to see himself differently. He says: “That was the point when I realized that we can create our destiny despite our circumstances.

Today, this is the spirit of Change Your Energy. That if we trust our brains, we are capable of accomplishing practically anything.

In the years that followed Ilchi Lee’s pivotal journey up the mountain, he learned that the key to change is changing the life energy that flows through us. Energy is easier to change than your body, habits, or environment. Yet it ultimately affects all of them and is affected by them. When you know how to change your energy, you take advantage of your innate human technology and climb into the driver’s seat of your life.

Ilchi Lee has dedicated his life to helping people make their lives their masterpiece creation. His teachings are based on the ancient wisdom of eastern mind-body practices, amplified by modern neuroscientific research and over 40 years of experience. With some simple understanding and the right techniques, you can change your energy to change your life, and, as an extension, change the world.

Remember how I said these teachings changed my life years ago? Well, I even dropped out of Harvard graduate school to become a teacher of it! Your inner voice sometimes calls you to do things that seem crazy to the people around you, and there will always be people who doubt you. But following your own truth can lead to the most profound experiences of your life.

Even Ilchi Lee has always had people strongly opposing his ideas. But everything he’s accomplished and the ripple effects of it, including the fact that you’re reading this blog right now, only happened because he listened to his inner voice anyway.

You don’t have to carry trash up a mountain or drop out of school to change your life — your story is like no one else’s — but you do have to cultivate the thought that life is a field of possibilities, and you’re worthy of them. You are worthy of health, love and happiness, no matter who you are or what you’ve been through until now. When you start there, you become willing to do things a little differently if needed.

Change Your Energy is dedicated to bringing these life-changing ideas and resources to as many people as possible, all over the world. We are founded on the belief that everyone is precious and valuable, and we all have unlimited capacity for growth, change, and happiness.

As we celebrate our anniversary this month, we celebrate the infinite potential within you. During our August Anniversary Sale, we’ve got discounts on every single item in our shop… some up to 60% off… so you can “Change Your Energy, Transform Your Life”. Check it out here.
Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
Kris is a loving, creative soul with a deep personal healing story. Mindbody practices, energy work and meditation changed her life back in 2006, and today, she’s inspired to share these tools with as many people as possible to help them live happier, healthier lives. In addition to writing, teaching, and coaching, Kris is also a visual artist with a passion for using art to uplift, inspire, heal and transform.
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