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Four New Weekly LIVE Classes for Premium Members

Four New Weekly LIVE Classes for Premium Members
Starting January 2nd, we're improving the CYE Premium Membership experience by replacing four pre-recorded classes with LIVE online sessions taught by Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi master teachers.

This means you'll now be able to engage in real-time classes not only with fellow CYE Premium Members but also alongside the vibrant Body & Brain Yoga community nationwide. We hope the energy and connection you'll experience in these live sessions will enhance your journey.

Another benefit of these classes is that unlike other webinar-style classes, these sessions are interactive. If you choose to turn on your camera, the instructors will be able to see you and provide personalized guidance.

These are the four new classes:

  • Core Conditioning with Brian
  • Body & Brain Yoga with Amy
  • Qigong Fundamentals with David
  • Yoga for Emotional Release

All of our classes are designed to offer many benefits, including greater physical strength and flexibility, improved energy circulation, self-healing, detox, emotional balance, grounding and relaxation, peace of mind, and a deeper connection to yourself.

If you're already a Premium Member, accessing the live classes is a breeze. Just hop onto Zoom through the ChangeYourEnergy.com platform, just like you always do. Your weekly routine won't change—two classes from Monday to Thursday and one on Friday, all conveniently located on our platform.

Check out the full schedule on our calendar here, and plan your week so you don't miss these special live sessions.

Not yet a Premium Member? Now is the ideal time to join our community and unlock the full spectrum of benefits. Dive deeper into your practice and embrace the positive changes our courses and classes can bring to your life.

If it’s your first time, you can try the Premium Membership free for 15 days with no obligation, so there’s nothing to lose! Learn more and join us here.

Important Update: Premium Membership Price Increase in February

In the spirit of growth and improvement, please note that the price of Premium Memberships will increase in February by $5/month. Here are the new pricing details:

New Monthly Price: $24.99
New Yearly Price: $249.99

Act now to secure your membership at the current rate! Yearly Premium Memberships are on sale in January for just $149.99 for the first year (full price on renewal).

As we make this change, we invite you to relish every moment of your practice. Whether you’re a longtime practitioner or just beginning your journey, the Premium Membership is designed to elevate your experience and bring a renewed sense of well-being to your life.

Join us and let the positive energy flow!

Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
Kris is a loving, creative soul with a deep personal healing story. Mindbody practices, energy work and meditation changed her life back in 2006, and today, she’s inspired to share these tools with as many people as possible to help them live happier, healthier lives. In addition to writing, teaching, and coaching, Kris is also a visual artist with a passion for using art to uplift, inspire, heal and transform.
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