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Join the LOVE HEALS Together Movement and Free Film Screening

Join the LOVE HEALS Together Movement and Free Film Screening
Starting January 25th, there is a special Free Virtual Screening of the inspiring LOVE HEALS film. This showing is part of a joint campaign by Body & Brain X GetBright Films, known as LOVE HEALS Together—a movement dedicated to spreading messages of love and healing in today's society.

LOVE HEALS follows the journey of Dana and Krisanna, a chronic pain sufferer and her filmmaker partner, as they travel the country exploring ancient mind-body principles. This award-winning documentary not only shows their transformational story, but also beautifully illuminates the profound power of love to heal, inspire, and unite people and communities.

Ways to Watch:

  1. 1. Free Virtual Screening from January 25-31: Visit LoveHealsFilm.com to watch anytime.

  2. 2. Your Local PBS station: Check the PBS airing schedule on the official campaign website, Body & Brain - LOVE HEALS Together.

  3. 3. On Gaia: Starting February 1, watch with a subscription on Gaia.com. The film will also be available through Amazon Prime as part of Gaia movies; get a free trial to Gaia TV through Amazon Prime.


💪🏼 Hope and Inspiration: If you've faced illness or witnessed a loved one struggling, this movie could be a transformative experience. It shows that even when things seem bleak, positive change is always possible.

🌈 Ancient Wisdom for Healing: Discover how a 10,000-year-old energy principle can connect you with your innate power to heal. The film is packed with wisdom and actual practices you can incorporate into your life.

🎥 Created by CYE Community Members: The film was created by our affiliate partners, cherished members of our community, and we're immensely proud of the beautiful work they've done. Feel connected to the greater Change Your Energy and Body & Brain community by watching the film.

What to Expect in LOVE HEALS:

🌸 Dana's Inspiring Story: Witness Dana's touching journey and how self-energy healing and a mindset shift helped her chronic pain condition.

🧠 Insights from Professionals: Hear from doctors, psychologists, and neuroscientists on the positive effects of energetic self-healing.

🌟 Transformative Testimonies: Listen to testimonies from 50+ energy healing practitioners and individuals whose lives have been transformed.

🎙️ Interviews with Ilchi Lee: Gain insights from the founder of Change Your Energy and author of Water Up Fire Down and many other books on healing.

🛠️ Practical Tools: Learn practical tools to improve your overall health and well-being.

We're convinced that LOVE HEALS will touch your life, and we hope you'll join us in watching this very special film! Don't miss the chance to be inspired and discover the power of love and healing.

What You Can Do After Watching the Film:

  1. 1. Take a LOVE HEALS Mini-experience Class at a Body & Brain Yoga Center near you. See the schedule here.

  2. 2. Attend a LOVE HEALS Retreat at the Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat. Learn more here.

  3. 3. Read the Water Up Fire Down book featured in the film. Get it here.

  4. 4. Take a Body & Brain Yoga class at a center, online, or at a local outreach location. Find more information here.

  5. 5. Try a Change Your Energy Premium Membership, which has courses based on the same principles and practices in the film. First-time users get a free 15-day trial. Learn more here.

How to Share LOVE HEALS with Others:

  1. 1. Send them a link to the LOVE HEALS Together website.

  2. 2. Send healing energy: Learn this quick and easy way to feel energy and send it to yourself and others during meditation.

  3. 3. Invite them to a Mini-experience Class: Share this opportunity for wellness and healing.

  4. 4. Share on social media: Share your story of love, kindness, and healing on social media using #LoveHealsTogether.

Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
Kris is a loving, creative soul with a deep personal healing story. Mindbody practices, energy work and meditation changed her life back in 2006, and today, she’s inspired to share these tools with as many people as possible to help them live happier, healthier lives. In addition to writing, teaching, and coaching, Kris is also a visual artist with a passion for using art to uplift, inspire, heal and transform.
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