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5 Ways to Breathe New Life and Energy into Your Living Spaces

5 Ways to Breathe New Life and Energy into Your Living Spaces
Energy is all around us, fueling everything in our lives. Like water, energy can take many forms. It can feel soft and airy, or it can be dense and heavy. It can move freely, or it can get stuck in pools, becoming stagnant in our physical spaces and our bodies and minds.

Though we can't see it directly, we all have an innate ability to sense when the energy in our space needs to shift or be transformed.

Here are 5 ways to refresh the energy in the places you spend the most time in, to create more health, vitality, and positive experiences:

1. Let in Fresh Air

One of the easiest ways to revitalize the energy in a room is by opening up all the windows and doors. Fling them wide open if you can. By allowing fresh air to circulate freely, you invite natural ki (life-force energy) to flow through your space. Take a few deep breaths and feel the shift as stagnant energy is swept away and replaced with new vitality.

2. Add Plants

Another way to breathe new life into a room is by adding some living green companions. Plants take in carbon dioxide and convert it to life-giving oxygen to nourish our bodies and minds. They also remind us of the cycles of nature, and give us a sense of connection as we care for them. By positioning a few well-chosen plant friends around your living or working areas, you're not only brightening up the scenery, but also channeling restorative earth energies into the space.

3. Clear Out the Old and Rearrange

If you're feeling stuck with the energy of a particular room, sometimes the best solution is to rearrange it. Box up items you no longer need and donate them, shake out the rugs, and rearrange what’s left. This act of clearing out the old and untouched instantly refreshes the space. Even clearing or rearranging just one thing can breathe renewed vitality into areas that had started to feel stale.

4. Bring in Music and Sound Vibrations

Sound is another powerful way to influence the vibrational energy of your environment. You could put on some uplifting, joyful music to raise the frequency of a room that feels dull or heavy, or play some soothing, calming sounds in a place that feels too hectic. The right music can work wonders to reset the atmosphere, and it works even if you’re not in the room while it’s playing.

The Change Your Energy Shop has a collection of music albums designed for energy exercises, but that you can also simply play to change the energy of a space. Music for Brain Wave Vibration inspires free movement with healing rhythms. The Vibration Exercise Music Compilation is also great for free movement, dancing, or other embodied exercises, with dynamic drums, flutes, and vocal tracks. And if you're drawn to percussion and wind instruments, Sound & Rhythm Healing features natural rhythms through traditional Korean music. The album with the strongest energy clearing ability, however, is the Power of the Chun Bu Kyung, which delivers vibrations from the chanting and singing of an ancient Asian text.

5. Use Intentional Art and Purposeful Decor

The images we choose to surround ourselves with have a powerful ability to influence the energy. The decor and artwork adorning our walls act almost like a visual soundtrack that sets the tone and energy flow of the space. To uplift and renew stale or stagnant energy, choose pieces that inspire you and stir your soul. Look for artwork depicting scenes, colors and imagery that make you feel more vibrant, joyful and attuned to your highest self.

You can also use artwork and decor pieces as purposeful representations of the specific energies you'd like to cultivate. For example, placing objects related to your career or passions in your workspace can stimulate you to feel more motivated. Imagery of nature's beauty and abundance can create feelings of groundedness and nourishment. Artwork embodying spiritual symbolism and sacred geometries can elevate a space to inspire awakenings and higher consciousness.

–Try Energy Art–

The vibrant, energy-based paintings of artist Jisu Han, currently featured in our Energy Art Gallery, are intentionally created to infuse your home or office with uplifting, high-vibration frequencies. Each painting acts as a conduit for clarity, peace and a sense of connection to something greater.

As an experienced artist and longtime meditation practitioner, Jisu brings spirituality and presence to her creative process. You can sense the care and focus she brings as she builds up layers of traditional Korean paper and acrylic paint. Being around her luminous, transcendent paintings allows you to tap into a state of heightened awareness and awaken to the universal energy of life pulsing within and all around.

To create a nurturing space that connects you with your highest, most inspired self, check out Jisu Han’s Energy Art Prints and choose the one that speaks to you.
Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
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