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The Art of Intuition: How to Cultivate Your Natural Inner Guidance System

The Art of Intuition How to Cultivate Your Natural Inner Guidance System
A study in the UK showed something very interesting about intuition. Here’s what happened . . .

A scientist had a group of people play a card game where they repeatedly chose cards from one of four decks, and won or lost money based on the cards they turned. What they didn’t know was that two of the decks were stacked with winning cards while the other two were rigged with losing cards.

A sensor monitored their heartbeats while they played. After just a few rounds, the monitor showed a dip in their heartbeats whenever they reached for one of the “losing” decks. But it took the participants much longer to *consciously* realize that the decks were rigged.

In other words, the body knew way before the conscious mind knew.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting . . .

Before starting the game, the researcher also measured the participants’ ability to count their own heartbeats.

Can you guess what happened with some of the people who were better at counting their heartbeats?

They performed better in the game overall.

This would suggest that the more aware a person is of their subtle body sensations (i.e. able to accurately track their heartbeats), the better their intuition works for them, even when they don’t realize it.

Can you see how powerful that is? That means that there are all kinds of situations where your intuition could be doing good for you behind the scenes, without your conscious knowledge. But you have to be tuned into it to get the benefits. And for true results, you’ll have to do more than just counting your heartbeats.

Start by Changing Your Vibration

When was the last time you played like you did when you were a child? This aspect of ourselves, the free-spirited sense of play that came so naturally when we were little, is directly linked to the development of our intuitive abilities.

Why? Your intuition's sole purpose is to bring you happiness and fulfillment. It uses pleasure as a barometer and a guide. Think about it this way: When you’re in a state of joy and discovery, your vibration is high. This higher vibration puts you in tune with the pure energy of the Universe and therefore, you are more open to receive the information and insight it holds for you.

So if you want to grow your intuitive capacity, one thing you can do is spend more time in playful exploration of what truly brings you joy, just like children do. When you rediscover your sense of freedom and contentment, your intuitive abilities can flourish.

But pleasure and play are only one piece of the puzzle. There are other aspects you have to understand and develop if you truly want to unlock your greatest capacities as an intuitive person.

What Intuition Is Not

In order to develop our intuition, we need to keep in mind what our intuition is not so we don’t get confused by our various inner influences. Here are three things that intuition isn’t:

1. Intuition is NOT thoughts.

Intuition isn't about thinking; it's about sensing. Sometimes we trick ourselves by thinking we're tuning into our intuition when we're actually just pondering.

To really tap into intuition, we need to get in touch with our deep self beyond thinking. This especially means taking time to connect with our energy body and learning to read subtle sensations.

If we rush or ignore this connection, we miss out on the genuine insights our intuition offers. It's crucial to slow down, listen to our inner selves, and understand how intuition speaks to us through our energy.

2. Intuition is NOT fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion. It’s so powerful that many of us aren’t even able to recognize when we have it, because that recognition alone is scary, so our subconscious mind would rather hide it from us.

Instead of acknowledging fear, we may convince ourselves that our intuition is telling us to steer clear of a person, situation, or action. However, true intuition doesn't feel constricted; it feels expansive, even if it's pushing us out of our comfort zone.

By understanding how intuition works and deepening our connection with our subtle senses, we can differentiate between genuine intuition and fear.

3. Intuition is NOT a one-night stand.

Working with intuition requires dedication over the long haul, not as a fling or a fleeting interest. Build a committed relationship with your inner guidance. When big decisions arise, it’s tough to trust someone or something we haven't invested time in understanding deeply.

You can start small. Begin with low-stakes situations, where it’s easier to try acting based on intuition. As your confidence grows, move on to bigger choices and decisions. With time, you'll notice recurring patterns and instances where following your intuition served you well, solidifying your trust in your inner guidance system.

Our Intuition Acts through the Clairsenses

We receive information from our intuition via our extrasensory perception. Just as we have our five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, we have nine “clair” senses that allow us to tune into the subtle energies around us.

Clairvoyance grants you the sight to perceive visions and imagery.

Clairempathy empowers you to feel the emotions and energies of others.

Clairsentience lets you sense and interpret the vibrations of people, places, and objects.

Clairaudience opens your inner ears to hear voices, messages, and sounds from unseen realms.

Claircognizance lets you know information without having encountered it in the physical world.

Plus, there are three more clairsenses—clairgustance, clairsalience, and clairtangency.

Many of us suppress or ignore these abilities, mistaking them for imagination or coincidence. But the truth is that we all possess intuitive gifts that can grow when we nurture them.

Imagine the impact on your life when you can tap into these heightened senses and navigate the world with them by your side. No more second-guessing your instincts or brushing aside those subtle nudges from the Universe. Your intuition is whispering the actions you need to take. The question is, can you sense it?

You can begin a lifetime of honing your intuition with the help of a system taught in the Intuitive Development Course and Intuitive Reader Certification offered by Sedona Healing Arts. This system helps you clear any blocks you may have to using your clairsenses and helps you understand their messages. It also provides honest feedback and a community of people that give you confidence in using and living by your intuition. Learn more HERE.

Written by Kris Washington-Carroll
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