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Talented Trio Activates Minds and Bodies in Arizona

Talented Trio Activates Minds and Bodies in Arizona
Sedona, Ariz. — On Friday May 3, the sometimes sleepy town of Sedona got an earth shattering, booty shaking burst of energy when the hip-hop trio, the Luminaries, came to town. Tonight, the group is activating audiences again in Flagstaff, Ariz., with a free show at The Green Room.

Performing at Seven Centers Yoga on May 3, the vibe for the night was deliciously raw—and we’re not just talking about the multiple shout-outs the upwardly-conscious trio gave to raw, natural and non-GMO foods during the show.

The venue, usually a yoga studio, was sparse with most of the decoration coming from the kaleidoscope of acid-inspired projections that rotated across the walls. The group, which sometimes performs with a band, went minimalist, choosing instead to perform with just the three MCs and electronic beats.

Despite the stripped-down presentation, the energy of the group was amplified by the open, energetic audience and saturated the room from wall to wall.

Bodies were in motion at every moment, from fist pumps, to yoga poses, to twerking. At several points, the MCs joined the crowd on the dancefloor to show off their moves. The smells of sweat and essential oils filled the room. And, although many in the audience belong to the “bhakti tribe,” total strangers felt like friends by the end of the night.

After starting a chant of “peace worldwide starts from inside!” the musical group called for audience members to join hands. And a woman from Seven Centers ended the official event by leading an “om” that reverberated through the room and everyone in it.

Once the band left the stage, the hula-hoops and acrobats came out to play, as the party goers slowly dispersed into the night.

If you’re in the northern Arizona area and you want to experience some booty shakin’ chakra activation, check out the Luminaries tonight!

May 31, 2013 @ 9pm
The Green Room
15 N. Agassiz St.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
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