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Bloom with this Transformational Summer Meditation

Bloom with this Transformational Summer Meditation
Twice a year the sun seems to stand still in the sky. Known through the ages as the summer solstice, the word “Solstice” comes from the Latin words “sol” for Sun and “sistit” meaning “stands.” The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer and represents a time of fulfillment. This moment of “standing still” can serve as a launching pad from where we can set ourselves free.

Try the Butterfly Meditation below to help you make the transformation into a fully blooming self for the bountiful summer that lies ahead. This one is especially nice with music, if you can manage it:


Sit comfortably where you can look out on nature. As you gaze, allow your body to calm and your breathing to fall into a slow, steady rhythm. Focus on the comfort of this rhythm. Breathe in through your nose, and smile softly with the out-breaths.


When you have fully relaxed into the moment and the scenery, recognize nature as a playground of life. Allow this understanding to fill you, as well as your smile, with the good vibration that it carries. Imagine positive, healing particles of life entering your body with each breath. Imagine unwanted energies leaving when you exhale. Enjoy this wonderful cleansing.

As you imagine that there is no separation between you and this beautiful energy, become like a magnificent butterfly. Feel your wings and begin to allow yourself to make strong, smooth movements to carry you away on the breezes of your imagination.


As you fly, realize that you are a wondrous part of the universe’s cosmic dance. Keep moving your arms and reconnect with your bliss for health and happiness. Remember this joyful feeling from your childhood days and remind yourself that it is alright to honor your body’s need for movement and joy. If your body wants, stand up and move in ways that feel good. This is the important thing, that you feel free, joyful and “good.” Become as playful as nature herself!


Now, imagine that this energy has changed you for the better. This is a time of renewal and you have just “danced the dance!” Carry this energy with you throughout your day, throughout the colorful summer season and enjoy your life with passion and enthusiasm!

Written by L.A. Trombetta
Sedona artist, L.A. Trombetta shares her nature-inspired writing, music, and art on this website. Lynn’s whimsical, adult fiction plays with the edges of life and reconnects with the magic of True Spirit and fresh vision for a joyful, limitless life based on personal creative evolution and awareness.
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