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Change Your Energy Announces Challenge Winners

Change Your Energy Announces Challenge Winners
Congratulations Changemakers! The winners of our first Change Your Energy Video Challenge have been selected.

Making a sincere choice to change is the first step in changing your energy, that’s why we created the Challenge. To enter, we asked you to send us a video, telling us what you were going to change. And you did!

The first 100 Challenge entries will receive copies of the groundbreaking documentary, “Change: The LifeParticle Effect,” which explores the principles behind changing your energy. One second prize winner will receive an iPad, where he or she can access ChangeYourEnergy.com on the go.

In addition, 3 first prize winners will receive complimentary stays at Sedona Mago Retreat, where they can take advantage of our organic food, healing gardens and more while benefitting from Sedona’s unique and powerful energy.

Change is achieved through making a choice, then supporting that choice with positive thoughts, intentions and action. By participating in the Challenge, you took the first step toward change. For tools and support to continue your journey, visit ChangeYourEnergy.com.

Winners will be contacted via email using the information provided on the Challenge submission forms. To claim your prize, please reply within 30 days upon receipt of notification. Any prizes not claimed within 30 days will be considered forfeit.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Prize: Stay at Sedona Mago Retreat
Belinda Green
Claudia Hummins
Sophia Hawkins

2nd Prize: iPad Mini
Sonia Redding

3rd Prize: Change DVD
Chris Gallagher
Soo Ahm Lee
Mary C. McKinley
Keith Loo-Chan
Kathy B
Christine Booth
Cat Sawai
Dave Beal
Vanessa Nason
Karlie Ragan
Courtney Beshear Cooke
Lisa A Yafuso
Tanyce Wong
Mizuki Ogawa
Nate Guadagni
Deanna Lee
Susan Selan
Eric Silva
Manisha Hunter
Helena Bae
Judy Kulp
Jeanine Gilmaher
Mercedes Limon
Peter Marsh
Suzy Patch
Renee Kaile
Lawrence Ganech
Gabrielle Varandy
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