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Welcome to Change Your Energy’s GRAND OPENING Celebration!

Welcome to Change Your Energys GRAND OPENING Celebration
We've been open for just over one month, and we've officially moved out of beta testing. To celebrate, we're throwing ourselves a Grand Opening party from Sep. 23-30, and we're passing the gifts on to you!

Ready to save on change? To start the festivities, we're offering the original, "Change" movie in crystal clear, high definition Blu-ray—at 50% OFF! The last day to take advantage of this special deal will be Sep. 30, so get your copy while supplies last.

But we won't stop there. We know Change Your Energy.com can always get better. That's why we've added a suggestion box!

Please let us know how to make your Change experience even better, from what we cover to how you browse. We'll do our best to make your wishes come true.

To sweeten the deal, during our opening week, everyone who leaves us helpful comments and feedback in our suggestion box will automatically be entered to win a special prize. It's win-win!

We'll announce our three lucky winners on the Oct. 11 edition of the Change Your Energy Update.

We won't just be making our website better, we'll be making the world better too... with your help.

This month only, when you sign up as a member at ChangeYourEnergy.com, a portion of your membership fee will be used to plant new trees which will contribute to positive change on our earth. And as an added bonus, you'll get a free mp3 download of our Aquamarine Crystal Energy Cleanse Meditation.

Sit back, relax and let the soothing music and blue ocean water energy cleanse and refresh your emotional layers in this guided, whole-body meditation video.

Happy Grand Opening Week!
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This is really awesome great news, loving the earth and humans for each breath we can take together. Thank you
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Great way to heal the earth - plant a tree. And the website is great!
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Wow, I'm so excited to be perusing this site and finding so many wonderful videos and articles! Keep up the great work!!
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I love your tree planting project for new memberships this month! I can breath better already!
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I am looking forward to this!
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