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For Love and Money, Purify Your Sacral Chakra

For Love and Money Purify Your Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra is our pleasure center. Because of its location in the reproductive organs, the second chakra is associated with the water element, representing the womb and amniotic fluid that nurtured us. And, when all is well down below, you’ll want to soak a long time in these warm and beautiful waters. But, an out of balance Sacral Chakra can also find you drowning in debt, self doubt and feelings of impoverishment.

The first and second chakras are actually quite similar in their creative, sexual and basic survival needs aspects. Of the two, though, Sacral Chakra is the more passionate and energetically dynamic. According to the “Water Up, Fire Down” principle, Sacral Chakra is the fire tender because it is in the lower Dahn-jon. It stokes the heat sent down from the head to fuel your passions while the kidney’s cooling water circulates upward to cool the head and clear your thoughts.

Because happiness, confidence and creature comforts are so closely connected with the Sacral Chakra, couples who meet or are drawn by these energies tend to both desire wealth and material things with which to create a beautiful home. The negative unbalanced side is greed, fear and selfishness.

The Sacral Couple’s love and attraction for each other will grow at a slower rate than the Root Chakra couple because they first need to assess how financially secure and successful their partner is before they agree to be with them.

When couples who are under Sacral Chakra influences first meet they are harmonious. They seem to feel at ease with each other and imagining shared goals and common interests. Over time, however, unresolved Root Chakra issues could emerge to muddy the clear and bright energies of this chakra. Remember, first and second chakras are lower chakras and their energies are intertwined, so there is more potential for unhappiness and conflict between couples meeting under their influence.

The biggest challenge Sacral Chakra relationships face is the “never enough” syndrome. If your second chakra is out of balance, your life and relationship may start to feel like a bottomless well that can never be filled to satisfy your unquenchable thirst for more.

Some red flags and guideposts for determining if Sacral Chakra issues are at play in your relationship can include:

  • Materialism and acquisition is a main focus.
  • You spend a lot of time and energy stressing over buying the latest gadget or affording the fancy resort vacation or country club dues.
  • You overspend your energy on maintaining status objects and groups that could be better spent enjoying simple, low cost pleasures.
  • You have no time for each other because you’re always working to pay for your high-ticket lifestyle.

Here are two exercises you can use to keep the ‘sacred’ in your Sacral Chakra and your relationship:

Family Values

While it takes two to be a couple, all relationships are made up of individual people who bring worldviews and values to the relationship they may not even realize they possess.

A fun and useful exercise for uncovering the values your family handed down to you is to write a list of the top 5 values your grandparents had. Then list what you perceived were your parents’ top 5 values. For example, maybe your grandfather valued hard work over time spent with family. Or, your mother valued social status over alone time with her spouse or children.

Take time to put some thought into how these values may or may not have given you a sense of security or passion for life, then share it with your partner. Knowing your personal values versus what you were taught to value will help both of you better align your outer aspirations with your truest desires.

Use this exercise to help you reframe what you both want and need from the relationship, or even, hopefully, to discover that you already have it.

If I Had a Million Dollars

Sacral Chakra relationships are generally financially stable because both people purposefully set out to find a partner with money, jobs and social connections. However, because money was more important than getting to know the person behind it, the couple are unable to cultivate true understanding of each other should a crisis or loss occur.

Any interruption in the flow of money such as illness or job loss causes them to lose sight of their main goals of family life and happiness. With the following exercise, you can practice and plan for how a change in your financial picture might impact your relationship.

Pretend you got a sudden windfall of money. On separate sheets of paper, you and your partner draw out a matrix and write, in order of priority, what you will do with this wealth.

Start with $100 million. Write your wildest dreams and what you’d do with complete financial freedom. Then try it with $10 million, and finally $1 million. Compare notes and discuss how satisfied or constrained you feel with each budget.

What do you have in your life right now that money can’t buy? Would you sell it for a million dollars? Ten million? You can use this exercise to redefine your energy around money—both what it means to you and how you “spend” it.
Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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This is article is write on time.
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I'm so glad you found this article useful, LaMarr. Did you find some of its points impacting your current relationship? Let us know if you do the exercises. We'd love to hear how they worked for you. Good luck!
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This article is very timely, and really speaks to me.
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This is a great article! I look forward to reading more! How about Karmic Relationships as your next topic?
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