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Open Your Third Eye for a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Open Your Third Eye for a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner
The Third Eye is the seat of intuition—drawing inspiration from love and beauty, and in people and ideas—it represents a connection to spirituality within us. Your inner vision, plans for the future, creativity, and goal setting all reside within the Third Eye Chakra. It is your daydreamer, but paradoxically, it is also your voice of reason. The Third Eye can be a dynamic force for spiritual growth, higher consciousness, and a healthy relationship for couples.

When the Third Eye Chakra is operating positively for couples...

When Third Eye energies are connected between two people, it can impact their relationship in some profound ways. A couple’s Third Eye energies form a strong bond when two people are in sync intellectually, in their dreams, goals, feelings, attitudes, and needs. Additionally, when your Third Eye is open to your partner, you have an ability to clearly share a relationship of mutual respect and trust that deeply satisfies you both.

Couples whose relationship is dominantly influenced by the Third Eye tend to be highly motivated spiritually. They practice self mastery, read up on self-development books, join spiritual or visionary groups and have a strong urge to give their highest powers to the community and world. They may be intensely attracted to the idea of being together to practice living in higher consciousness.

When the Third Eye Chakra is operating negatively...

Negative belief systems fueled by bad experiences or stress can be deemed the culprit for blockages or imbalances in the Third Eye. Signs of Third Eye imbalances include mental fogginess, sleep disorders, confusion, poor concentration, poor memory, and inability to focus. An open Third Eye can help you see the situation you are in clearly, which is a key factor to creating a healthy, happy, and loving relationship.

When out of balance, however, the Third Eye can cause couples to turn a blind eye to each other, abstaining from sex and becoming unwilling to face the truth of the relationship. Because the Third Eye also rules emotions and mental activity, it can get in the way of honest self awareness, truthfulness and emotional intelligence. Another sign that the Third Eye is closing down is when couples are no longer open to the other’s ideas or emotional experiences.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable talking to your partner about your vulnerable sides for fear of being judged, rejected, or abandoned—these are signs your Third Eye Chakra is blocked. Another indication of Third Eye issues in your relationship is that you’ve stopped listening to your partner—you’ve tuned out when he or she speaks or maybe your partner has stopped hearing you.

What can I do to strengthen my relationship?

Meditation and Mindfulness Exercises
A simple way to tune up you and your partner’s Third Eye is through meditating or engaging in mind-body training together like yoga. Meditation calms the brain waves and allows for greater states of clarity, intuition, and understanding to come into your conscious life. You can both connect deeply within through meditation, and when practiced together, the energy of love and union between both parties can be amplified by sharing that space. As you meditate, imagine waves of light from your heart touching your partner’s heart as he or she does the same back to you. A great 15-minute meditation for beginners is our Nature Meditation for Healing & Awakening.

Try meditating with crystals or visual meditation cards to enhance your meditation. In general, gemstones of a blue or purple shade, such as amethyst, laser quartz, moonstone, purple sapphire, purple violet tourmaline, rose aura, and sodalite are highly beneficial in expanding consciousness and opening the Third Eye Chakra.

Asking Important Relationship Questions
Setting aside time for you and your partner to speak honestly about how you feel in the relationship is also a powerful way to connect the Third Eye energies of both parties. The Third Eye opens to your partner when it feels safe in its environment. If something about your partner makes you feel like you can’t be honest and open about them or yourself, then let them know. If you’ve been feeling neglected lately, it could simply be that your partner is unaware of how his or her actions are affecting you. But vocalizing how you feel honestly from the voice of reason will be healing for yourself and also your partner to both grow from this situation together. Remember: honesty is key, and any relationship you’re in should make you feel valued, loved, and respected just as you are.

If the thought of confronting your partner intimidates you, there’s another way you can release any pent up emotions towards him or her that’s causing blockage in the Third Eye. Take out of a notebook or piece of paper and write out everything you want to say to your partner. Without thinking of “what’s the right thing to say” or “how am I going to say it,” just freely write with no thoughts attached. This paper is for your eyes only, so you don’t even need to worry about grammar or writing in full sentences. Let your hand write your thoughts and emotions for you. This can be a very cathartic process to let out all of your frustrations without causing harm to yourself and your partner. Many times we are afraid to speak out what we want, feel, or need due to fear of others’ reactions. But with this method, it’s a safe way to release what you need to let go of without hurting others. When you’re done writing, you can even burn the paper to seal the deal.
Written by Linda Yoonjin
Linda Yoonjin is a certified Body & Brain Yoga instructor and an expert on Belly Button Healing. She enjoys hiking and meditating by the ocean. Her favorite place to vacation is New Zealand.
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