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Third Eye Chakra & Your Relationship: What Are the Effects?

Third Eye Chakra Your Relationship What Are the Effects

What does the Third Eye Mean?

Inspired by love and beauty in the world, in people and in ideas, the Third Eye just wants everyone to be happy and loving. The Third Eye Chakra represents your inner vision, plans for the future, creativity and goal setting. It is your daydreamer. Paradoxically, it is also your voice of reason. The Third Eye Chakra can be a dynamic force for spiritual growth and higher consciousness for couples.

When Third Eye Chakra energies are more pronounced than other chakra energies between two people, it can impact their relationship in some profound ways. When your Third Eye is open to your partner, you have an ability to connect intellectually and artistically with each other and clearly picture sharing a trusting, beautiful relationship together. If you find you can no longer talk to your partner about the future, whether it’s about financial planning, your dreams for your life, or even what you dreamt last night, those are signs your Third Eye is blocked.

Another indication of Third Eye issues in your relationship is that you’ve stopped listening to your partner. You’ve tuned out when he or she speaks. Or maybe your partner has stopped hearing you.

Understanding Third Eye Chakra Couples

Couples whose relationship is dominantly influenced by the Third Eye tend to be highly motivated spiritually. They practice self mastery, read up on all the latest spiritual self-help books, tend to join spiritual or visionary groups and have a strong urge to give their highest powers to the community and world.

Many Third Eye Chakra couples meet at spiritual groups or workshops, or New Age bookstores. They may be intensely attracted to the idea of being together to practice living in higher consciousness.

When out of balance, however, Third Eye couples are prone to turning a blind eye to each other, abstaining from sex and becoming unwilling to face the truth of the relationship. Because the Third Eye Chakra also rules emotions and mental activity, it can get in the way of honest self awareness, truthfulness and emotional intelligence. Another sign that the Third Eye is closing down is when couples are no longer open to the other’s ideas or emotional experiences.

Couples Activities for Strenghtening Relationships and the Third Eye

Plan Your Future Together with Vision Boards
When Third Eye Chakra is clear, it allows you to perceive the deeper truths about your relationship. When you can eliminate the fear that is causing you to shut your eyes against the world, you’ll find that, deep down, you’ve known all along that your life and relationship can be beautifully fulfilling.

The safest and most fun way to envision a rosy future together is to make one up! Go ahead, give voice to your wildest visions, imagine your fantasies coming to fruition and dare to dream with vision boards.

How to Make a Vision Board:

1. Gather old magazines, junk mail, catalogs, flyers, advertisements—anything that you can cut up and glue.

2. Find a piece of heavy cardboard, poster board or other sturdy paper. Make it about 12 in. x 18 in. Get out your scissors, glue sticks and markers.

3. Put on your favorite music, pour out some tea or wine, and set the mood for some creative play and dreaming with your partner.

4. Lay out all your magazines and pictures in a big messy pile between you. Have you and your partner lay out your blank boards in front of you and begin looking for images that appeal to you.

5. When you’ve gathered all the images that speak to you or represent your desires, begin your collage. Give free reign to your imagination and creativity and arrange your images any way you like.

6. Take your time. The trick to vision boards is making the image on the page resonate with the images in your mind. What do you truly desire, outside the influences of society? What are your highest hopes and priorities for your life and your relationship? Meditate about this a while before scanning the pile of pictures on the floor.

7. Start creating your vision. Cut and paste and piece together, arrange and rearrange your pictures to your heart’s content. When you are finished, compare each other’s boards, talk about what inspired them and see where you have similar visions and where you differ. Now that you have completed your individual boards, use them as a conversation starter about your vision for your relationship going forward. You may want to plan a time to create a ‘couples’ vision board next.

Affirmation for a Blissful Union

While it’s important for couples to have their own identity and breathing room in the relationship, when you’re working on shared visions and goals, this affirmation can serve as a beautiful poem and prayer for union, to both your individual souls and your love for each other.

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Breathe deeply in and out and say three times: “As I breathe in and out, the separateness that I feel becomes one.” You can do this alone or in each other’s presence.

Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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