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Ease Indigestion with Acupressure and Energy Medicine

Ease Indigestion with Acupressure and Energy Medicine
When your eyes were bigger than your stomach at the Thanksgiving dinner table and you’re feeling more stuffed than the turkey, you don’t have to run for the medicine cabinet or lay like a groaning lump on the couch. You can put relief in your own hands, literally, with some easy and safe acupressure techniques.

Acupressure is a safe, non-invasive technique for aiding digestion and ensuring overall digestive health. It relaxes the body and helps the body to metabolize and eliminate wastes.

There are points all along our body that are easily accessible, such as the hands and ankles, that act directly or indirectly to aid digestion. Gently pressing these points help stimulate specific energy channels, called meridians, that correspond to specific digestive functions such as circulation, bile secretions, kidney, liver and bowel function.

Try these acupressure techniques for digestive relief at your fingertips:

Hap-kok (“hap-coke”) Hap-kok
With the hap-kok right in your hand, it is the most accessible and discreet pressure point. You can do it standing in line at the dessert table, laying on the couch or even by the ping pong table and easily escape notice.

This point can be found in the web part of your hand between the thumb and index finger and corresponds to the large intestine.

With your other hand, gently press the tip of your thumb into the soft spot on top of your hand and press your index finger into your palm in a soft, pinching motion. This technique is similar to being pinched by a lobster claw.

Press as firmly as is comfortable, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Do this for several minutes to ease the discomfort of overeating.

Note: This pressure point is not advisable for pregnant women.

Jok-sam-lee (“joke-sahm-lee,” literally “Last Three Miles.”)
This point directly stimulates the stomach and helps when one has gone over that ‘extra mile.’

Gok-ji Be warned, things could get ticklish with the jok-sam-lee. Or, if you are very congested, it might feel quite tender at first. However, it is an especially soothing pressure point that warms up and sends tingles through your legs in no time.

You can find this point just below the kneecap, in the slight depression between the leg bones.

With one or two fingertips, gently press into the point and massage using small circular motions. Do this on both legs for several minutes.

Note: This pressure point is not advisable for pregnant women.

Gok-ji (“guh-oak-gee”) Gok-ji
This is another point that could be tender if you are very congested. However, with proper pressure and just a couple of minutes, you’ll find your diaphragm relaxing and your circulation flowing more freely. This point is also good for nausea.

This point is in the crease of the elbow that forms when you place your palm on the center of your chest.

In the fold of your elbow, slightly above the center crease, massage this point with your thumb. Press as firmly as comfortable, pinching, massaging and pulling the soft flesh of your elbow, until you feel warm energy running through your arms, chest and neck.

This pressure point feels especially good if you massage it for several minutes.

Dahn-jon Massage
Of the three main energy centers in your body, the Lower Dahn-jon is the body’s ‘furnace’ and is directly involved in the digestive process. Dahn-jon massage, or belly tapping, is an easy, fun and feel-good way to get your plumbing in shape after you’ve overeaten to the point of bursting.

Sit up straight or stand, placing your feet about shoulder width apart. With open palms, begin gently patting your lower abdomen in a steady, rhythmic motion. Keeping breathing naturally while you pat your belly. Soon you will feel your skin become warm. Do this for 3–5 minutes, then take a long, soothing breath and relax.

Regardless of which exercise you choose, be sure to take plenty of deep breaths and get moving as soon as you feel comfortable again. A brisk walk around the block or some long stretches will aid your digestion faster.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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Thank you, I didn't know about that point on the elbow. Thank you
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