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April Gets a Lively Lift with A Month of Free Live Classes

April Gets a Lively Lift with A Month of Free Live Classes
To celebrate the launch of its new Live Class service, ChangeYourEnergy.com is inviting users to enjoy a variety of live online content throughout the month of April—for free.

During the "April Alive" event, users can sample nearly 20 health and fitness classes from seven different instructors without a Live Class membership. Classes will begin on Apr. 7, and run through Apr. 30.

"Here at ChangeYourEnergy.com, we have access to instructors with over 30 years of experience helping people live healthier, happier lives by understanding and using energy," says EJ Lim, director of ChangeYourEnergy.com. "By offering live online classes, we're hoping to share that experience with others widely, but also with that personalized touch you get from an in-person class."

Instructors David Driscoll and Aragorn helped create ChangeYourEnergy.com's first live online classes, which debuted in March 2014. During "April Alive," each will host regular weekly classes.

Build strength and increase your flexibility every Monday, from Apr. 7-28, with David as he introduces participants to Handstand Yoga. The exercises will be appropriate for all experience levels.

Each Tuesday, from Apr. 8-29, Aragorn will teach BE Fit class. His unique approach combines rigorous fitness training with the energy principles of Brain Education.

In addition, Aragorn will also host a regular Wednesday class, from Apr. 9-30. Yoga at Your Desk will be a series of stretches and exercises you can do, even when you're at your desk in your office attire.

"April Alive" will also introduce five new Live Class instructors.

On Wednesday, Apr. 9, instructor Jonathan Martinez will lead Qigong and Energy Breathing.

Through a series of low impact movements, his class will help build lower and upper body strength, followed by breathing to open up your heart chakra for deeper energy flow.

On Thursday, Apr. 10, instructor Vladimir Ivzhich will lead his class Office Chair Yoga.

Similar to Yoga at Your Desk, Office Chair Yoga will help recharge and refresh your body and mind with simple yoga exercises that can be done at work or home without changing into yoga clothing. All you need is a chair, a little bit of time and space.

Later that evening, instructor Adahae Guadagni will lead Mixed Meditation, which offers a medley of meditation exercises and warm-ups.

The following Thursday, Apr. 17, instructor Maureen Godfrey will teach Organ Vibration Detox, a fun, vibrant class to heal and strengthen the mind and body while releasing stagnant energy.

And on Thursday, Apr. 24, instructor Jordan Diamond will lead his class Deep Healing & Release.

Through deep breathing and stretches, this class will enable participants to delve deeply into their own minds and bodies to maximize both internal and external energy flow. While suitable for all skill levels, it can still offer a healthy challenge for experienced practitioners.

To participate, users must log in with their ChangeYourEnergy.com membership or free account and visit the Live Class page on ChangeYourEnergy.com.

Classrooms will open 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class time. Space is limited and granted on a first-come-first-served basis, so be sure to come early.

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I can't tell from the above list where these classes are held or in what time zone they are.  I am in Hawaii and I would love to figure out how to use this invitation.  Can anyone help?
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Hello Marilyn, the live classes will be held at the live  page(http://www.changeyourenergy.com/live-class-center/) on changeyourenergy.com, and the time zone is EDT. I hope it's helpful.  
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Great idea... maybe they can be played back in a later time slot?
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Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in April Alive! Unfortunately, we are not able to provide recordings of these classes for streaming at later times. But, we are working very hard on making that function available soon!
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This is awesome!! I'm really excited and I'm gonna make sure my family gets in on this!
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WOW! It looks great classes I've been waiting for a long time. 
I have one question. Do you have a plan to record the classes so that another users who live in other countries such as South Korea, India watch them later? I'm not sure I can enjoy amazing teachings because of time. I'll be waiting for your answer. Thank you.
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I will not be able to take advantage of most of these classes because I am on the west coast and the times are during my work hours. Will the clases be recorded for playback at a later time for us in Pacific Daylight time?
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