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Topic: Health      Comments: 2   Nate

How do I manage depression and anger?

I am exhausted, have several rare medical issues and find myself to be extremely depressed and angry with no visible way out of this problem. How do I manage? - Nate

Answered by Ilchi Lee

Dear Nate,
Your body and mind may have a lot of pain and suffering. However, you have a center inside that is not harmed, and cannot be harmed, by any pain or suffering. Find that center.

Don't identify yourself with your pain and suffering. You are neither weariness, nor a rare disease, nor depression. Feel the other you who is observing that pain and suffering. Strengthen the other you, and continue to develop it. That you will give you the strength to manage the conditions and environment that surround you.

Then you will realize that all of those circumstances you thought you could never change, or you felt you could never escape, were fake. Then you will be able to create the changes you want.

Your essence is a great, shining mind; it is infinite and immutable. You are LifeParticles, the perfectly healthy, life-giving energy, the unwavering change-maker.

I suggest you do Magnetic Meditation every morning and evening for a week. If you'd like to know more about Magnetic Meditation, please watch the video of my LA Change lecture.

Through Magnetic Meditation, you can experience anxiety-free, emotion-free energy. You can experience that this energy is who you really are. By reflecting on who you really are, you can let go of the energy of worry, anxiety, and fear, and return to infinite hope and love and passion for life.

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When I tried Magnetic Meditation in just a short time I felt calm, focused and peaceful. Thank you Ilchi Lee for sharing this easy to use meditation. I love to share it with everyone I meet.
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Thank you, the third paragraph is especially helpful and reminds me that I should remember that everything is creation and that I DO have the power to create inside of me.
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