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How to heal a stomach ulcer naturally?

My daughter has been diagnosed with painful stomach ulcers that formed from stress. She is juicing organic veggies, consuming a bland diet, reducing her stress, and practicing positive thinking. The doctor prescribed her an antacid pill to help her digest her food and to reduce the acid in her stomach. How can I help her heal naturally?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

Our bodies have two autonomic nervous systems called sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, blood pressure goes up and the heart beats faster so that our bodies can react quickly to stress in the environment. The opposite happens when you activate the parasympathetic nervous system–blood pressure goes down and your blood vessels and heart relax to promote digestion and healing. You can maintain good health when your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are in balance.

It seems as though–due to excessive stress–your daughter’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems have been thrown off balance, causing her to have anxiety. I will share with you a technique on how to move your body to raise your own self-healing ability. Take time to focus on your body for 1-5 minutes every hour. In this short time, move your body so that you raise your body temperature and sweat. Exercises like push-ups, plank, and jumping jacks are great. Also, another great exercise is shaking your head and body naturally (like Brain Wave Vibration) to feel your body while focusing on the vibration. When you move like this to raise your body temperature, not only will the nervous thoughts and emotions inside your mind disappear but also your self-healing ability will go up. There is research that shows that raising your body temperature just one degree celsius increases your immunity by five times.

The most important thing is making this a daily habit. Use your cell phone to set an alarm every hour and move your body for 1-5 minutes. Your body’s energy, emotions, and thoughts will naturally change by adopting a repeated pattern of focusing on your body. Your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems will regain balance through this process.

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