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Topic: Health      Comments: 0   Maryann Bowman

How to boost immune system?

What can I do to strengthen my immune system? I’m usually a healthy person, but this year has been very different. I have been sick for a month straight, and my doctor says I’ve had two viruses one after the other. My husband has kidney failure and has been sick for three years now. I think the stress and anxiety of that has lowered the strength of my immune system. Doing yoga regularly helps me manage the anxiety, but how do I strengthen my immune system?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

There are some sicknesses that you can heal on your own and some that you need medical help for. I hope you can use your wise discernment depending on each situation. In regards to raising your immune system, though, what I want to help you with is the method of natural healing.

The best way to recover your innate natural healing ability is to cast off your anxious mind and get your body in a state of comfort and freedom. It’s much easier said than done, right? That’s why what’s important here is making this a habit. Whenever you have a little bit of time in your daily life throughout the day, make the habit of focusing entirely on your own body for 1-5 minutes at every hour. I recommend not fighting to get rid of your anxiety. Rather, move your body in a way that helps you focus on yourself. This will make your anxious emotions disappear very naturally. You can do toe tapping exercise or shake your head and body with Brain Wave Vibration. You can even just do simple breathing. Focus on your breathing and exhale in and out 100 times. You can take a single breath for 5 seconds or even 10 seconds. When you focus and breathe mindfully like this, taking ten 5-second breaths will consume 50 seconds and breathing 20 times will take about two minutes. Even if you do nothing else but just focus on your breathing, you will feel heat throughout your whole body and also an overall sense of comfort. Your stress and anxiety will disappear, and in turn, you will feel heat and comfort come out.

Communicating with your body for 1-5 minutes every hour, we call this Tong-chun Living. Tong means “connected,” and chun means “Heaven.” The Heaven we refer to here is not the sky above us. It is you! As you communicate with your own body and form this connection with yourself, you will gain greater confidence in your body. Your power to trust yourself and to take action will grow as well. Our bodies have all the capability to create heat and comfort that can shake off negative emotions. All you have to do now is take action. When you do continuous Tong-chun Living at every hour for 1-5 minutes, your immune system will go up as you so desire.

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