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Topic: Spirituality      Comments: 3689   Amy Berger

When will good completely triumph over evil?

Why is there suffering and abuse in the world? When exactly will the good force triumph and bad forces disappear?

Answered by Ilchi Lee

As many of the Enlightened saints and sages have already said, Life itself is Suffering, Impermanent, and Nothing. This is the most fundamental principle of Tao. You will find deep inner peace and the strength to see through the chaos of the world when you completely know and accept this fundamental Truth. Many people might say that they understand this at the level of knowledge, but it’s not easy to truly awaken to it. To be enlightened to this Truth, you need great physical, heart, and brain powers. I recommend that you grow your three powers through Brain Education.

Good and evil are like east and west—they are not concretely set. For example, the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand is to the east, but from Chile, it’s to the west. The concept of east and west changes depending on perspective. Just like the east is not the good and the west is not the bad, the idea of what’s “good” and “evil” is not absolute and set in stone. Even though you might say that you’re good, somebody else might see you as bad. Good and bad changes depending on how you look at it, so for an Enlightened person, what’s good and what’s bad are inherently the same thing and are just a figment of the imagination. Good vs. evil was created by human beings from their selfish desires, and we still see the rampant chaos and division that exist today from the boundaries of good and evil as they have for all of human history. What’s important in this era is to transcend the boundaries of good and evil that humanity has artificially made. We must create an Earth Village where everyone thrives harmoniously with each other and coexists happily.

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... so is living harmoniously good?

If good and evil is just a perspective created by humans, how do you define child sexual abuse?  Is that good for the perpetrator and bad for the victim? If a lion eats a deer - it's good for the lion and bad for the deer.  But when a human defiles another human, that is clearly bad. There is a definite boundary there between good and evil.. don't you think?

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Love it

thank you!

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Thank you 
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Thank you, Ilchi Lee <3
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Beautifully written.  Thank you.
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