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Basic Meridian Healing Online Course
Live Class


by Chungsuk
Basic Meridian Healing Online Course
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What is Meridian Healing?


Meridian Healing is one of the most effective self-healing management skills. These meridian exercises, qigong and meditation used in Meridian Therapy have a low risk of side effects and are effective, inexpensive and easily learned and used.

Health is best maintained on a daily basis. In order to do this, one must have an intimate understanding of basic principles of how health is maintained in the body. The first principle we must understand is our innate healing power.

During this 14-episode video series, meridian therapy expert Chungsuk will lead you on an exploration of the 12 main energy body meridians, starting with the Lung Meridian. Other major meridians include the Large and Small Intestine Meridians, Kidney Meridian and Heart Meridian.

Along the way, you will learn self-care exercises, like meridian massages, that you can use to keep your meridian channels clear and healthy. When practiced regularly, meridian exercises offer a holistic approach to preventative healthcare that is effective, easy and inexpensive.

What Are Meridians and Why Do They Matter?


Body Meridians

Body meridians are energy channels within the body that circulate Qi, the vital energy that is the true essence of every creation in the cosmos. Qi is the bridge linking body and mind; it is the essential medium of life, moving and flowing freely.

Meridians and the acupressure points along them are an invisible network of life energy, pathways through which Qi energy travels the body. It is easy to understand the system of meridians points and acupressure points if you imagine the body as representing land. The meridians would be the main roads while the acupressure points are the bus stops. There are twelve main meridians, and 365 primary acupressure points in the human body. From the perspective of Eastern Medicine, disease is created because the flow of Qi that travels through meridians and acupressure points is blocked and imbalanced. Therefore, the goal of meridian exercise is to open the passageways so Qi can flow freely.

How Can Meridian Exercise Help You?


Meridian exercises are designed to open the meridian system of the body and balance the energy of each meridian's associated organs.

Physical benefits


Physical Benefits of Meridian Excercises
  1. Improved flexibility and strength
  2. Less stress and fatigue
  3. Stimulate and revitalize internal organs
  4. Pelvic and spinal alignment
  5. Enhanced blood circulation
  6. Stronger muscular, nervous and circulatory systems
  7. Toxins and stagnant energy in the body are dissipated
  8. Greater lung function for a stronger, bolder voice
  9. Perform daily tasks more easily and efficiently

Mental benefits


Mental Benefits of Meridian Excercises
  1. Improved mental function
  2. Greater concentration
  3. Have sharper memory
  4. Feel happier
  5. Deeper relaxation
  6. Sleep more soundly
  7. Release negative thoughts

A Closer Look at the Meridians Points and How They Influence Your Life

lung meridian

Lung Meridian

- Correlates to: positivity and abundance.
- Indications of blocked energy: difficulty breathing, asthma, tightness in the chest.
Large intestine Meridian

Large Intestine Meridian

-Correlates to: organization and transport
-Indications of blocked energy: yellowish eyes, sore throat, stuffy nose, toothache, pain along the shoulders and arms.
spleen meridian

Spleen Meridian

-Correlates to: magnanimity and harmony
-Indications of blocked energy: nausea, frequent belching.
stomach meridian

Stomach Meridian

-Correlates to: helps with adaptability and having strong will power
-Indications of blocked energy: sores around the mouth, tension in the jaws, headache in the area of the eyes or sinuses, pain in the abdominal area or on the sides of the lower limbs.
heart meridian

Heart Meridian

-Correlates to: feeling more love and artistic strength
-Indications of blocked energy: hearing difficulties, urinary disorders, yellowish eyes.
small intestine meridian

Small Intestine Meridian

-Correlates to: pioneering and revolutionary spirit
-Indications of blocked energy: hearing difficulties, urinary disorders, yellowish eyes.
kidney meridian

Kidney Meridian

-Correlates to: stamina
-Indications of blocked energy: dark and rough complexion, dry mouth, swollen throat, shortness of breath.
bladder meridian

Bladder Meridian

-Correlates to: fear
-Indications of blocked energy: pain and tension in the eyes and neck, fever and chills, nasal congestion, eye disease, lower back pain, cramps in the backs of the legs, urinary difficulties.
triple burner meridian

Triple Burner Meridian

-Correlates to: relaxation and calmness
-Indications of blocked energy: pain along the lines of the ear, eye, face, jaw, neck, shoulder, arm, top of the head, and fourth finger.
pericardium meridian

Pericardium Meridian

-Correlates to: focus and memory
-Indications of blocked energy: mental restlessness, palpitations, a flushed face, tightness in the chest, a sensation of heat in the palms.
gall bladder meridian

Gall Bladder Meridian

-Correlates to: courage and balancing the body
-Indications of blocked energy: temporal headaches, migraines, or problems in the face, ears, skin, armpits, knees, or outer legs or feet.
liver meridian

Liver Meridian

-Correlates to: over-sensitivity to compliments and scolding
-Indications of blocked energy: dull complexion, dry throat, nausea, a feeling of heaviness in the chest, anger, and painful, red eyes and face.
What people have to say.


double quote
Enjoyed it
Thank you Chungsuk. I enjoyed your class. I had pain in my knees and upper arms, and it’s all gone now. I will keep practicing.
- Ida Garcia
double quote
Effective Exercises
Very clear information, but what's more important is the way I feel now. I will be able to help specific students and clients with these simple, but effective exercises. Thank you so much Chungsuk.
- Marti Bay
double quote
This course is wonderful. I learned a lot and will share Chungsuk's exercises with others.
- Adele Harris
double quote
Thank You
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the concept of meridians and how everything is inter-related. I'm understanding it better. My concept of fear has changed. I don't need to avoid it.
- May Yamachika
Table of Contents
Ileana Gheorma
Ileana Gheorma
1 month ago
My favorite course
“I am very grateful for this course. I wish i could've taken it in person, but even online, it is very effective. Great explanations, simple but offering what is needed. The exercises are again simple and effective. Thank you to the teacher.”
Yachna Tyagi
Yachna Tyagi
4 months ago
My Favorite Course- Full of wisdom, and precious information
“Love this course. Master Chungsuk explains and demonstrates everything clearly in detail. This course has helped me tremendously with my self-healing. I wonder if there is a way to reach him directly and work with him to customize exercises per individual needs of healing. Thank you Master Chungsuk!”
Corbin Williams
Corbin Williams
10 months ago
Best overview of meridians and meridian exercise EVER.
“I absolutely loved Master Chungsuk's thorough guide through all the meridans and corresponding exercises to open them. I gained a lot of insight and knowledge of each one, along with practical exercises for helping develop them. Thank you Master Chungsuk!”
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Meet your instructor(s)
Chungsuk is an expert in East Asian medicine and acupressure, teaching courses like Meridian Healing and Position Therapy. He brings 30 years of experience teaching mind-body practices that harmonize energy flow in the body.

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Chungsuk is an expert in East Asian medicine and acupressure, teaching courses like Meridian Healing and Position Therapy. He brings 30 years of experience teaching mind-body practices that harmonize energy flow in the body.

JJ Moon
JJ Moon
7 months ago
The family comparison of the mother (yin) falling ill communicates outdated and sexist views. I understand his point, but it perpetuates gender stereotypes about women being responsible for cleaning and childcare. 

Basic Meridian Healing Online Course - Chungsuk
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