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Activate Your Innate Healer for Shining Health

Activate Your Innate Healer for Shining Health
Our body is an amazing, intelligent organism. Not only does it automatically know how to heal, it takes place without any conscious involvement on your part.

Anytime you get a scratch, your body starts clotting blood to build a scab. When you are invaded by a virus, such as catching a cold, your white blood cells take their marching orders and charge to the battle. When your body perspires too much and becomes dehydrated, your breathing becomes shallow and you start running low on energy in order to conserve water.

Your body is its own healer. You don't have to direct blood to a wound, or send for those white blood cells to start replicating, or tell your lungs to stop expanding so far. It all just happens. Doctors and herbs and medicine can be powerful aids for healing, but it is your innate healer, your body's natural medicine that makes use of these aids.

When we turn our attention away from our body for too long, we can miss the signals of imbalance our body sends, leaving ourselves more vulnerable to illness. But, we can learn how to reactivate our innate healer and restore our body's natural healing energy.

Accessing your body's medicine and consulting your innate healer requires that you turn your attention once again to your body and reconnecting to its natural, strong and constantly flowing stream of energy.

Energy goes where the mind goes. And when your energy is not on your body, energy can become sluggish, short circuited or blocked altogether making you vulnerable to illness and depleted energy.

Here are three ways you can bring your awareness back into your body to re-activate your inner healer.

  • Plate balancing or plate spinning strengthens the muscles and joints and aids blood and energy circulation throughout the whole body. It also strengthens your subtle body; the energy center in your lower belly or Dahn-jon, developing your sense of balance, and enhances concentration.

  • Toe tapping strengthens the lower body, and directs the excess energy from tension and stress from the head down into the lower body, thus energizing blood and energy circulation throughout the whole body.

  • Brain Wave Vibration releases tension from the neck muscles, improves blood flow to the brain, raises the temperature of the lower abdomen which helps improve digestion and metabolism, and creates a balanced state of ideal body temperature, in which the head is cool and the lower belly is warm.

When your body is sufficiently relaxed through such exercises, if you close your eyes and focus, you may actually quickly feel the shift in both your body temperature and your mental temperament. Once your natural healing ability is restored, not only will you be able to hear your body's signals more clearly, you'll also be able to respond with radiant health.

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Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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Thank you so much! Wonderful idea to post a video that features testimonials and clear explanations - an article that felt good to read. Quite convincing, since I started myself the plate balancing routine  I'm having fun like a kid doing this and it truly feels easy and light. And fun!

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Thank you, Joy. It really is a surprisingly fun, challenging and effective exercise. Pass the word on!
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I felt like my body was realigning itself then my chest felt open and happy! Thank you for sharing such easy,fun and effective tools.
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Mine too, Ann. I couldn't believe, after just a few circuits, how much my entire shoulder girdle, ribcage, was adjusting and realigning. In other words, snap! crackle! pop! And I thought I did a good job of aligning just by stretching my limbs every day. : )
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Great article, fantastic fun exercises that helped me balance my energy today and reminded me to focus on my body's healing abilities
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Keep up the good work, and the good energy, Martha!
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