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The Idea That Brings Life

The Idea That Brings Life
I’ve been wracking my brain for over 30 years, trying to find the fastest and easiest way for the most people to discover and utilize their value and power. Each person has endless potential, but most aren’t even aware of a small fraction of it. They are stuck in the only things they know—the illusions of ourselves that our ego and the world present to us.

I’ve developed many concepts and methods over the years. Then, a few years ago, I finally came up with the term LifeParticles. This was the idea, I thought, that would help everyone. It would show them how masterful they can truly be. But the idea requires a little explanation.

LifeParticles are a general term for the smallest unit of existence. They are matter, energy, and consciousness combined. They gather and things are created; they scatter as things are destroyed.

All LifeParticles originally came from one source—yes, everything comes from the same source. Like the sun that gives the earth’s inhabitants energy, I call this source the LifeParticle Sun. The picture above shows a visual representation of it.

Most importantly, LifeParticles are influenced by our individual consciousness. Our consciousness can gather LifeParticles into whatever we actively focus on.

No, we won’t see shimmering, gold dust condensing into a pumpkin carriage to take us to the ball. But what we picture in our mind’s eye will eventually appear in our life in some form.

This concept may sound familiar to you. It seems like the marriage of ideas from quantum physics with the Law of Attraction. However, there are several key points that I think it’s important to remember:

We need to “move energy” toward what we want. This means taking action to make it happen, and even picturing LifeParticles (shimmering gold dust) going toward an image of it in our mind. We need to imagine it happening with all of our senses.

Our conscious mind and subconscious desires need to be clear and unified. If they aren’t, our overall consciousness will be moving energy in too many, and even incompatible, directions. There won’t be enough LifeParticles gathering into what we intended to create.

• For the same reason, we need consistent focus on our goal. I often use the analogy of trying to start a fire with a magnifying glass. It doesn’t work unless you hold the glass still and focus the sun’s energy on one spot.

• In order to focus our energy on something, we need to truly choose it with 100% commitment. Hesitation, procrastination, excuses, and evasion all impede and reduce the LifeParticles moving toward our goal.

That’s why when I talk about LifeParticles, I always recommend having a daily meditation practice. I especially recommend doing rhythmic moving meditations such as Brain Wave Vibration, Toe Tapping, and Plate Balancing Exercise. These methods clean and focus the lens of our consciousness. They give us a bird’s-eye view of everything that’s going on inside us and in our life. We can make a real choice about what we want and gain greater ability to focus on it in a relaxed and confident way.

Then our power and potential will become more than just a nice idea we never even thought of in the first place.

I think this video explains LifeParticles nicely for you:

Written by Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Keep up with Ilchi Lee on his blog at http://www.ilchi.com.
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