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Year of the Sheep Promises Good Times Ahead in 2015

Year of the Sheep Promises Good Times Ahead in 2015
Untitled Document The Year of the Sheep (also known as the Goat or Ram) promises good times ahead.

According to Chinese Astrology, in 2015 we may see the chaotic processes in the world scene easing up, and both political and economic situations in the world starting to stabilize. For many individuals also their quality of life will also improve.

This year we can slow down a bit and take a breather from the fast moving year of the Horse unbridled energy of Year of the Horse 2014. This year, the energies are more benevolent and will give us the space to be more caring, kind and sensitive with each other.


Another theme of Sheep year is creativity! Now is the time to cultivate your inner artist and give yourself and others the gift of creation.

Because sheep can only move forward—they don't move backwards or sideways—you have the energy of this year cheering you on and giving you every reason to feel optimistic.

In Chinese zodiac, each Lunar New Year brings a new combination of animal and element, which carry their own unique energy but can affect us all. The 12 signs are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Here is your zodiac forecast for this year of the Sheep. See why we should all be so hopeful this year, and what fortunes may be in store for you, no matter what year you were born!

Industrious and clever, you know how to keep your nose to the grindstone and recover from last year's Horse problems. But this year is your time to kick back with a reflective book or a healthful cup of tea. Leave the launching of your big plans to 2016.


Normally you're well grounded and a very hard worker. This year, take some lessons from the Sheep, your opposite sign, and observe how Sheep gets the job done with little effort. Join the partying crowd and don't work so hard this year. Career and love will be stable, but beware of exhausted energies and guard your health through exercise and meditation.


Always a social animal, you're usually on the hunt for more friends and new experiences. Be the pride of your family and focus on home and loved ones this year. Expect opportunities to develop your personal power, move up in your job or for your love life to heat up. Stop pacing and relax, unwind, and just enjoy life for a change.


Sociable, friendly and loving, this is your year for lounging with friends and frolicking in peaceful settings. The Sheep is one of your most compatible signs, and in this year of conciliation your strong diplomatic skills will bring rewards. Sheep year is one of the luckiest for Rabbits.


You can look forward to a pleasant social scene where your affairs will run smoothly. You might feel some pressure from your job, but this year indicates career breakthroughs. Looks like this is also a good time start dreaming up plans for the luck coming your way in Monkey Year 2016.


You are especially charming to your closest circle of friends. Sheep shares your love of art, fashion and beautiful things, making them easier to acquire this year. You may notice many of the people and things you most desire will be practically dropped at your feet!


Your luck is changing and you can slow down from that hectic gallop of last year to a contented trot this year. Treat yourself to some nature meditation for relaxation and tune into the rhythms of the earth. Sheep gives you opportunities to more easily complete endeavors so you will enjoy a real sense of accomplishment.


This year you lead with your creative energies. As people are finally on your wavelength you will find yourself making steady progress. As a Sheep, you are connected to things of the earth, especially its vegetation which needs solar energy to grow and thrive.


Normally, few can resist those Monkey charms that always put others at ease, even in sticky situations. Luckily, this year you'll have less cause for conflict and will feel free to just monkey around with people and places that make you happy. But chill out and relax with a hot/cold pack, because your year, Fire Monkey 2016, is just around the corner and you'll be busier than ever.


Sheep energy serves to smooth any ruffled feathers Roosters may have experienced last year. This is a time of less stress and fewer challenges, so enjoy a Healing Rhythms CD for learning how to go with the flow and find your inner rhythm. This year your love of rules and order remains strong, but you'll find it easier to be a team player. In Rooster year 2017, you'll start a new life cycle.


Your luck continues from the previous Horse year. But at times, try to be more flexible and diplomatic with others. The Year of the Sheep combines two energies that easily harmonize with your reliable, devoted nature. You have more optimism to face any upcoming challenges this year, and Sheep's slow and patient traits helps you heal family issues.


Sheep year is very auspicious for you and a good year to get organized and put long simmering plans into action. People will want to help you and teamwork takes precedence. This is a festive year so, feel free to pamper yourself. Indulge in a spa facial or treat yourself to some fine dining. Socialize often, volunteer in the community, or spend more time just hanging out and having fun.


Even though we have always been hopeful for positive changes, for ourselves and the earth, this lunar new year it looks like we really can change the world for the better!

Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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