We Oceanside masters and healers love the new Solar Body book, and we make promoting the book an all-out effort - however, we're having persistent problems with the sign-up process. This really holds us back when we're in a busy expo with people who want to quickly sign up on the spot with their smart phones or on our computer - they don't want to wait while we try over and over again to get them to the pay page. The problem we experience the most often is this: they fill out their name, email address, and hit the "Order book" button, and instead of displaying the pay page, the 1st page just refreshes itself. After 2 tries, most people will just walk away, take the website address with them, and may never order the book on their own. Does anybody on the IT side know why this is happening? We've seen it on many different phones, computers and with far too many people. Let us know so we can be more effective in our sharing! Gamsahamnida!