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Looking from a Distance

Looking from a Distance
I'd like to talk about one of the songs I enjoy listening to the most. I listened to this song again and again over three days after first hearing it when I visited Hawaii several years ago. It's a famous one you may know and love as well—"From a Distance," sung by Bette Midler. It says so much about life, the world, and God. I'd like to share its message with you again and for us to ask ourselves if we can apply it more in our daily lives.

What does it mean to see things from a distance? It means taking on a big consciousness that views self and other, Earth and humanity as one, rather than a little consciousness that divides things into my side and your side. When we're trapped in a little consciousness, we hate yielding and want to win in even the little things. However, if we view the world through a great consciousness, then we're able to overlook petty things. As it says in the lyrics, although there are allies and enemies in war, when we look at things from a distance, there is no reason people should kill each other.

I felt that the consciousness that sees things from a distance is in a very pure state, without attachments and far removed from desire. Our original nature is restored in such pure consciousness. Furthermore, we encounter the nature of God, or divinity.

Divinity is innate within us. I think the substance of that divinity is nature. It is not an artificial god created by man, but the God in nature, the life energy of nature. All things are connected in nature, and are full of harmony and life energy. When we connect to nature, we feel God, and then we become able to see the world through the consciousness of God. Looking at the world with consciousness of God, we discover it is overflowing with the energy of love, hope, and peace.

As you listen to the song, feel the hope in the world. Isn't the creation of a world in which all are happy and peaceful the greatest, truest hope we can have? That will begin when each of us recovers the true nature within us.

After listening to the song with a big consciousness, share your own realizations in the comments.

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Written by Ilchi Lee
A visionary, educator, author, and founder of ChangeYourEnergy.com, Ilchi Lee has spent nearly three decades helping people create better lives for themselves. Lee has created Body & Brain Yoga, Brain Education, and hundreds of other wellness programs and methods. A model for the self-improvement he teaches, Ilchi Lee is continually changing and continually creative. Keep up with Ilchi Lee on his blog at http://www.ilchi.com.
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The more we grow and understand we all have Divinity within us - I don't understand why or how we are watching from 'a distance' and not from within.  

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if we can watching ourself from a higher consciousness, we can be free and peace.  Solar Body exercise will bring us toward that status.
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It is indeed a very inspirering song. We all need to watch our inner consciousness wich represents the God within, the Divine essence within us. Our conscious serves as a divine eye to watch over and to regulate Universal Order.
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So beautiful and precious is our connection to one another and to the earth that it inspires creation of positive thoughts in the form of song from a very talented artist and in the form expression through the words of a highly enlightened teacher whom I hold dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing!
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Since this song came out decades ago, I have always loved it.  Now, I know why.

I was just singing this song at my work since this past week.  
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Great Song! Thank you for sharing!
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I was reminded of this song in a healing seminar.  Since then it has been my go to song.  I love it!  I sing it all the time in my head and even out loud!, and Im not a singer, but as I grow so do my talents. It has so much meaning and I live my life in these words. I am putting together the Earth Citizens Walk in Houston this fall and we will start the event with "From A Distance".
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As I grow in my practice I have a clearer understanding of this song. It is my vision.
Thank you
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Carol, God is everywhere  

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This reminds me of how it applies to my current situation. I see my full potential off at a distance. I see how I can have a positive impact on so many people. If only my ego and little consciousness could get out of the way. I like how it says “It’s the voice of hope” and “God is watching us.” I see my potential being off in the distance which gives me hope. When it says “God is watching us” I see my divinity, my true self watching me, waiting for me to realize my full potential. They say students pick their teachers. Lovingly, patiently, my true self accepts me and knows that when I’m ready, when I finally get out of the way, that I’ll meet the many students that have been waiting for me.
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