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Solar Body Gave Yunmin Kang, DDS a Simple Way to Vanquish His Chronic Health Conditions

Solar Body Gave Yunmin Kang DDS a Simple Way to Vanquish His Chronic Health Conditions
Yunmin Kang, a dentist living in Mount Vernon, Washington put up with a long list of chronic ailments, from eczema to indigestion to back pain for years. Although he kept to a good diet and exercised regularly, nothing seemed to work. Then one day he discovered simple Solar Body exercises and it changed his life.

Here's how he did it:

CYE: What kind of health problems were you dealing with?

YK: With many stressors in life and work over the years, I had developed a number of health issues, such as eczema, indigestion, cold hands and feet, wrist pain, chest pain, back pain, shortness of breath, and sleep apnea, which lead to insomnia as well as depression. I was getting really frustrated, as I was doing a really healthy diet and regular exercises, but nothing seemed to work out. Not knowing what to do, I was almost in despair.

CYE: What happened when you started doing Solar Body exercises?

YK: Since I started doing Solar Body exercises, many of my health issues either disappeared or improved dramatically. Some almost immediately, others gradually. My chest pain and back pain all disappeared within a few weeks. Wrist pain disappeared, and my hands and feet got warmer. My digestion improved dramatically, and I could breathe better. My skin issues took the longest but it finally started to settle down for the first time in many years. I had used and depended on strong steroid ointment for eczema for four years. But I was able to completely let go of it [the ointment] and no longer need to use it. Every evening I am doing 10 minutes of plate balancing exercise, brain wave vibration and toe tapping respectively, and I feel very balanced, no matter how difficult or stressful the day may have been.

CYE: Were you skeptical at first; did you think Solar Body exercises were too much for you with all your physical conditions?

YK: Yes I was very skeptical initially, honestly speaking. As I did many different types of yoga, as well as exercises regularly, I didn't think that Solar body exercises would make any difference. At first I felt quite some pain in the back and wrist. I couldn't balance my body well when I was doing Plate Balancing and I was barely able to do Toe Tapping exercise for two minutes. But these exercises are no more difficult than any other yoga poses I've learned before. In fact, they are simpler yet very effective to say the least. I feel fortunate and I’m very grateful that I found Solar Body exercises. I do believe everyone and anyone can get better from Solar Body exercises especially because they are so simple and easy to do.

CYE: Were there other benefits too?

YK: Yes. That’s the reason why I recommend reading The Solar Body book to complement your exercises. Not only did my all symptoms disappear, I became very peaceful and happier. Gone are the days of insomnia and depression! This is by far the best well-being book that I've ever read and helped me the most without a doubt. My results were incredible! I felt like I became more vibrant in energy and youthful. I haven't felt this good in years.

CYE: What is your favorite exercise; which would you recommend to someone just starting out with Solar Body?

YK: It is very hard for me to pick one over another as I like them all for very good reasons. I almost always do plate balancing exercise, brain wave vibration and toe tapping exercise together, one after the other, every evening. It seems to me that they are very synergistic when done together. But if I recommend to someone just starting out with solar body exercises, do plate balancing exercise if you have back or joint issues. If you want to let go of busy mind and get energized instantly, do Brain Wave Vibration. If you want to calm down your sympathetic nervous system (stress or the 'fight or flight response,') or want to sleep well, do Toe Tapping exercise.

CYE: What do you like about the book?

YK: The book has a few simple exercises that are very easy to follow. Very simple, yet very powerful if you do them every day. The author, Ilchi Lee, explains incredibly well how our human body's innate healing system can easily be utilized. Not until I read this book did I realize that the cause of all my health issues were due to an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system, and conversely, an understimulated parasympathetic nervous system over the years. I had lost my body's innate healing capacity. The Solar Body book helped me realize this simple but overlooked fact. This makes so much sense and suggests how to become naturally healthier and happier.

CYE: We've heard that nowadays you are giving lectures, and teaching Solar Body exercises to your neighbors. Is this true? : ) Where are you giving these lectures and classes and what has been people's response?

YK: Since I became healthier and happier, I've developed a growing desire to share Solar Body exercises with other people, so that they too can be healthier and happier. So I volunteered and started teaching a monthly "Healthier Together" campaign at the Body & Brain center I go to. Each month they teach on a different health theme.

So far I've gotten very nice feedback in general from most attendees. Recently one of my acquaintances who became aware of my health improvements thanks to Solar Body exercises asked me to teach her a sample class, as there is no local Body & Brain center in our town. So I taught her and her husband one class. The feedback was great and she told me that if I offered any class in the future she would attend regularly. That's how I started my first Body & Brain outreach class. Now I have only one or two students, but I hope my class will grow over time.

CYE: Anything else you want to tell your fellow Solar Body's?

YK: Just spend as little as 30 minutes everyday. Anyone can recover their health just by spending 30 minutes a day with these exercises. Then, health, happiness and smiles could be your friends. Why not try?

You can get a free copy of The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing here.

Written by Kim Alyce Steffgen
With a background in journalism and marketing communications, Kim's wordsmithing reflects a love of language that brings spice to many ads, articles, banners, and videos. To that spice she adds her passion for herbs, plants and alternative health.
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