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One Outstanding Exercise for Better Digestion

One Outstanding Exercise for Better Digestion
A happy belly makes for a happy life. Although exercise sounds like that last thing you’d want to do when you have a stomach ache or constipation, this gentle floor exercise can really ease the discomfort that comes with indigestion and help heal gastrointestinal ailments

The Rolling Back Exercise is a simple yet effective exercise recommended by acupuncturist Banya Lim from her Tune In to Heal online course. There are many acupressure points along the spine which are related to digestion, and stimulating them with this exercise increases the flow of Ki energy to your digestive organs and promotes healing.

  • Gentle spinal massage, increasing its flexibility and suppleness

  • Intestine, stomach, liver and kidney stimulation for better digestion

  • Releases blockages and gets things "moving" to relieve constipation.

  • Increases and improves the flow of Ki (life force energy) to all of your organs

Rolling Back Exercise
All you need for this exercise is a floor and a mat to place under your spine. A yoga mat,  rug, a couple of towels or even a thick blanket will do. Add cushioning as needed for a gentle stimulation as you roll on your spine.

If you feel any pinching or sharp pain, stop doing the exercise. Tense muscles will relax, but anything more than that is not good for your body.

  1. Lie down on your back and allow your entire body to melt into the floor. Bring your awareness to your breath and ease the mental chatter of the day. Entering a state of mindfulness before self-healing is important.
    Rolling Back Exercise 1

  2. Inhale and bring your knees up to your chest, with your hands interlocked high on the shins.
    Rolling Back Exercise 2

  3. Round your spine, with your head bent towards your knees to protect the neck, and roll back on the floor.
    Rolling Back Exercise 3

  4. Then use your abs to pull you up to a seated position with your feet flat on the floor. This will also stimulate your intestines. You can also use your momentum if needed by lifting your tailbone skyward as you lay all the way back.
    Rolling Back Exercise 4Rolling Back Exercise 5

  1. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times (down and up = 1) being sure to breathe and stay present in the moment to increase your natural healing power.

  2. While you are rocking, envision Ki energy flowing through your intestines, releasing physical and energetic blockages.

  3. When you are done, lay flat on your back with your arms at your side, palms facing up, and relax your entire body. Stay here for at least 3 minutes.Rolling Back Exercise 6

  4. Notice any sensations in your body. Compare these sensations to how you felt before you began and appreciate the work you did.  

To increase the effectiveness of this exercise, do it 2-3 times a week and be sure to take note of any changes in your digestion.

Many ailments can be eased through mindful exercise and stimulation. Increasing the flow of Ki in your body raises your internal temperature and boosts the immune system. This and more meridian exercises to improve digestion can be found in the "Better Digestion" chapter of Banya’s course Tune in to Heal: Symptom Based Meridian Exercises for Self-Healing*.

Let us know if this helped get things moving for you in the comments below!

(*The Tune in to Heal: Symptom Based Meridian Exercises for Self-Healing online course is available for unlimited streaming for CYE Premium Members.)

Written by Morgan Garza
Morgan is a free spirit, world traveler and a lover of light. She loves to write about and research our inner healing power to help people realize their true potential. An avid practicer of yoga and meditation, Morgan is continuously evolving. She encourages all of us to follow our dreams by taking that first step into the unknown and truly practices what she preaches.
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Great exercises!
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