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Energy - A Matter of Addition & Subtraction

Energy A Matter of Addition Subtraction
Most of our energy use comes from fossil fuels that provide electricity and gas to power our growing energy needs. But what about our own energy? That precious resource that powers us through each day and breathes life into our goals?

It’s interesting how our world often inundates us with plentiful information of how and what to spend our money on. And we spend our energy, a.k.a vital life force, rummaging through that information sometimes out of sheer boredom. So, even before we spend the money, we spend the energy pouring through lots of random details that may not have any real connection with our lives.

Information also abounds on quick fixes that can help you get ‘more energy’ by adding one more thing to your life. Like the latest mattress that promises the deepest sleep. Or the miracle potion that will boost our energy levels by 35% and the best espresso concoction that will fire us through the afternoon.

But having more energy to do everything we love doing is not just about adding something new to our lives. It is also about sealing all the holes that have been draining our energy banks. It is about LEARNING TO SAY NO and choosing to walk away from:

  • Food and drinks that are not nourishing to our bodies and only make us feel good during the time we are having them (while they continue to intoxicate our bodies days, months  and years after)
  • Abusive or toxic relationships and conversations that do not nurture our spirits
  • Media/information that disproportionately harps on why life sucks
  • Company who loves senseless gossiping
  • Thoughts that tell us that we are not good enough or worthy to enjoy whatever it is we are desiring to experience
  • Activities that merely allow us to kill time instead of those that inspire us to become clearer about our dreams/goals.

Each time we say NO to these energy vampires, we are saying YES to ourselves. This is important and precious because we are the only ones who can do this for ourselves. What are we looking at, reading, thinking about, who are we hanging out with and what are we consuming? Every single thing we are doing is an investment of our time and energy with very real consequences on our own quality of life. There is a very real connection between what we choose to do to our bodies and the situations we place ourselves in and how we feel. Taking a holiday in itself is not going to give us more energy if our lifestyle remains the same.

For anyone searching for a greater bounty of energy, health and clarity, perhaps it is time to ask ourselves what we want to remove from our lives and what we want more of. There is incredible potential for a lot of good things to come into our lives. But, we need to make room for them to arrive and be willing to first recognize crap. Then, let that crap go.

There are consequences of loving ourselves enough to do this. We will be judged. But, we do not owe anyone who drains our spirits anything. The ones who truly love us will be there for us throughout our journey and we would naturally gravitate towards them anyway. This is not rocket science. It’s human nature.

To sum up, tolerance is not always a good word. Also, if we are constantly tired, maybe it’s not just a matter of clocking in 8 hours of sleep per day.

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Written by Serene Martin
Serene Martin is a Transformational Life Coach, Author and Yoga instructor who coaches people from all over the world desiring breakthroughs in various aspects of their lives. Through a blend of practical and metaphysical strategies, Serene helps you unlock the potential you already have and lift you towards the greatest version of yourself.
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