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Traditional Style Clothing for the Modern World with Energy in Mind

Traditional Style Clothing for the Modern World with Energy in Mind

Korea's traditional style of clothing allows the body to feel the beauty of natural form with a silhouette that does not restrict the body. Hanbok, the Korean name for classic attire, is perfect for active people who want to feel free because it's easy to wear and easy to move in.

The effortless style of Hanbok is light and free-flowing with fabric that allows a gentle breeze to reach the body and invigorate the senses.

Additionally, designers of classic Hanbok prefer to use the natural colors of the materials themselves or those produced by natural dyes, which creates harmony with nature and allows us to feel the beauty of the colors in their purest form. In their tendency to use natural dyes, Hanbok designers pursue the colors of nature, which means that wearers don't grow tired of the clothing even though they wear it for a long time. The clothing is also even more beautiful when worn in nature.

It is common and trendy for people to wear tight fitting jeans or shirts to look nice, but that can cause contact dermatitis, elevated blood pressure, and gastrointestinal problems. Tight clothing prevents proper blood and energy circulation in the body, and also inhibits smooth activity in the lymph nodes.

When worn for yoga, meditation, tai chi, martial arts, and other forms of training, Hanbok clothing promotes energy and blood circulation, which not only maximizes the advantages of these practices, but also, through its distinctive design and natural colors, can bring a unique beauty to social gatherings, outings, and other such events.

While this style of clothing may look simple, the construction of Hanbok is actually extremely scientific. According to eastern principles of energy, keeping the upper chest (heart) cool and the area below the navel warm (kidneys) is a shortcut to good health.

Alternatively, in western dress, the neckties worn keep the chest warm by blocking wind and pants allow a breeze to reach the lower body. The philosophy behind Hanbok keeps the neck cool and the legs warm. Pants are tied at the waist and ankles, keeping the lower body warm by preventing excess ventilation.

Pants that are tight at the ankles also prevent the body's energy from leaving the body and stops the yin ki of the earth from entering. The design also stimulates the SP 6 (SamEumGyo) acupressure point, which creates a massage effect. This corrects imbalance in the SP 6 point, where the spleen, liver, and kidney meridians meet.

But maybe the greatest characteristic of Hanbok is its ample room for movement, which is very healthy. Modern clothing restricts joint movement. The Hanbok style guarantees maximum joint freedom because clothing is cut by hand and adjusted to the shape of the body's joints. The flat pattern makes the shoulder joints comfortable and allows the knee joints to bend and extend freely. Anyone who has driven a car will definitely be able to feel that Hanbok pants, since they don't squeeze the lower body, place no burden on the hip joints and provide for a comfortable posture.

Another characteristic of the ampleness of Hanbok is that it creates a roomy layer of space between the clothing and the body, producing an insulating effect, which keeps the body warm when the weather is cold and cool when it's hot. In chilly weather, close-fitting sportswear is cold, but put on a Hanbok and you'll see that it's cozy even though the material isn't necessarily thick.

While many people don’t wear the traditional style of Hanbok today, the philosophy continues to inspire designers. You can shop the modern Hanbok collection to see for yourself just how lovely this style of dress can be!

Written by Kyoungmin Nho
Kyoungmin Nho is the Director of HSP World, a product development and distribution company for natural healing and conscious living.
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I would like to buy hanbok pants but I'm 6'3" with 38 waist any suggestions. 
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Hi Duane, I see you purchased some clothing this morning. Did you figure out your sizing ok? If not pleae contract us via support@changeyourenergy.com for more information. Thanks!
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I'd love to buy hanbok pants but I am 4"11" and the size small would be way too long though the waist would fit. Are any of these pants made with a shorter length or is it possible to shorten these pants?  It looks like it would probably be too complex.  Are they made in an xs size?
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Hi Joan, You'd be able to get the small sized hanbok pants tailored to be shorter. Here are some hanbok pants that you can now order in XS size. - Everyday Pant - Poly - Everyday Pant - Linen Blend - Dusky Khaki Pant (Unisex) - The Barefoot Baji Pant (Unisex)
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