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3 Steps to Follow Your Bliss & Bring Harmony to Your Life

3 Steps to Follow Your Bliss Bring Harmony to Your Life

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~Joseph Campbell

There is an age old war that has been raging amongst humanity since the dawn of time: head vs. heart. The heart knows the soul and inner world, and the mind knows the body and the outside world. But when we can create peace and communication between the two, we create a radical harmony that fuels miracles.

By getting clear on what resonates with our bliss, we can eradicate all that is not in alignment with that and create space for the light to enter our lives.

When we have the courage to forgo the rationality of the mind and lead with the heart, the universe conspires to deliver us to where we want to go. Not only does this help us lead happier lives that are more fulfilling and heartfelt, but we also begin to see how easy and empowering it is to live in this space daily. By walking this path of light, we can bring harmony to all facets of our existence - mind, body, and spirit.

How to Follow Your Bliss

If you don’t think you are currently on your path or living in alignment with your soul’s purpose, it will require some soul searching to discover what that is and what steps you need to take in order to get there. And while everyone’s journey of self discovery will be different, these steps can help you get in touch with your inner world so that you can reflect that to your outer world.

  1. Listen to Your Heart: Asking your heart what it wants is a powerful way to bypass your mind and allow your soul to speak through your heart. This will allow you to determine exactly what is in alignment and what is not. Then you can adjust accordingly.

  2. Take Action: At first, it may be easier to decide what you don’t want or what is not currently working in your life. Then you can vacate it from your situation in order to make space for what you want to create and pursue. Keep asking your heart what it wants and adjust. Take a step in the direction of your bliss every day and eventually you will be knocking on the door to the life of your dreams.

  3. Share the Vision: Telling the people in your life about your desires and dreams can help give you accountability in making them a reality. Sharing with those you trust can also be a wonderful way to help you verbalize what your bliss is. Many times, epiphanies are had when you are speaking and your subconscious desires see a clear path to enter into the light of your reality.

Through these 3 steps, you are consciously and mindfully saying “YES” to your bliss and sending a message to your brain and the universe that you are ready to walk the path of light and take control of creating your life.

There will surely be setbacks, fears, uncertainty, doubts, and trials as you make the transition from where you are now to where you want to go. You may feel alienated from your current life as you work to listen to the wisdom of your heart. Don’t allow this to hold you back from taking the next step.

When you focus less on the “how” and more on the “why” of where you want to go, you will release a lot of mental and emotional stress. There is no way to determine exactly how to get to where you want to go, but you can always determine why you want to go there. Live in that space and remind yourself of your “why” each and every day.

You are infinitely powerful and absolutely capable of following your bliss. Go forth with determination and confidence and you will begin to see the magic unfold.

Written by Morgan Garza
Morgan is a free spirit, world traveler and a lover of light. She loves to write about and research our inner healing power to help people realize their true potential. An avid practicer of yoga and meditation, Morgan is continuously evolving. She encourages all of us to follow our dreams by taking that first step into the unknown and truly practices what she preaches.
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