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How a Sustainable Lifestyle will Save the Planet & Humanity

How a Sustainable Lifestyle will Save the Planet Humanity

There is no denying that when people come together for a common goal, things happen. One of the most important things that needs to happen right now is the protection and healing of our home: Earth. It’s April and the focus is on the planet right now, but it is also important that we not forget about our gracious host the rest of the year. This requires mindful action.

Through mindful action and sustainable living, we can come together to work towards shifting our harmful actions into positive, productive ones. What you do everyday defines you. What if we all consumed a little less and gave a little more? More to ourselves, our families and friends, community, and especially, planet?

Hongik is a Korean philosophy which means: to think and act for the benefit of all others, in addition to yourself and planet. This philosophy, thousands of years old, is still a timeless truth in the modern world. With small steps and consistent actions, we can truly make a difference over the course of time. A change in lifestyle is no easy task, this is true. However, it’s mutually beneficial for everyone!

This is an opportunity to better the entire universe we know as our lives. What’s good for the planet is good for us.

Paul Yanson, Director of Media Communications with Earth Citizen’s Organization (ECO) says, “Live with less is a slogan that we at ECO live by. This can open up a space within us to make a more conscious choice to first question what we’re told to do and purchase. In a society based on consumerism, to realize that we have the choice within us to change our mindset, we will realize what is more valuable to us in life.”

A shift in mentality has a cascade effect that can change the course of our future and the futures for the generations to come. Change starts with one person.

How to Shift to Sustainability

We are All One: The trees, waves, carrots, crickets and lava are all within us, as we in them. When you shift your thinking to recognize and accept that all that is around you is also within you, there is a deep sense of compassion and empathy and even a protective flare. These are the emotions that will enact change. We must feel the world around us to realize it wants all the same things we do.

Connect: To help you deeply feel this oneness, go into nature and interact with it. Get in close and observe the veins of a leaf and look at your own hand and the striking similarities. Same same, but different – and that difference is what makes the world so beautiful.

Using Conscious Choice: One of the most beautiful things about life is that we have the power of choice. We can go left or right, say yes or no, and take the reins of our reality. This also means that we can take each moment as an opportunity to make more mindful choices with others and the planet in mind. “One person’s individual choice, when combined collectively, can create a conscious movement,” says Yanson.

Act: Take a moment of observation and contemplation. Clear your mind, steady your breath and ask yourself what you feel. This action will help you get more in tune with your intuition, making using conscious choice easier and more natural.

Restore Community: We are nothing without our community. It takes unity to make global change and by joining together we can strengthen the spirit of care. It is human nature to gather and connect and create something that is beneficial to all, not some, and surely not in unnecessary harm. We are taught to separate and be independent but our innate desire for unity is what will make our efforts detectable on a large scale.

Gather, Join, Contribute: If you don’t live in a supportive community of like-minded people, connect with them online. There is a vast tribe in the world and we are blessed with the technology to virtually convene. If you do live in a supportive community, tap into it! Go to events and farmer’s markets, join groups, and talk to strangers to find people who are living sustainably. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Of course, you can always volunteer, recycle more, join a community center, etc. But first it is vital to start the change within so that you can best serve without.

There are many ways to get involved in the bettering of our own personal lives and the health of the planet. Together we can make real and lasting change!

Learn more about living an ECO lifestyle and connect with your community at the Earth Citizens Organization!


Written by Morgan Garza
Morgan is a free spirit, world traveler and a lover of light. She loves to write about and research our inner healing power to help people realize their true potential. An avid practicer of yoga and meditation, Morgan is continuously evolving. She encourages all of us to follow our dreams by taking that first step into the unknown and truly practices what she preaches.
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Your words inspire me many times over.   It helps me to check and balance my activities.  How is my recycle pattern.   Can i be more helpful in the community.  So thank you again.
Harmony NY
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