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One Minute Exercises: Where Did They Come From?

One Minute Exercises Where Did They Come From

The Birth of One Minute Exercise



How did Ilchi Lee create the One Minute Change Movement? It all stemmed from an eye-opening experience that led him to alter his perception about how we age.

Ilchi Lee watched the falling health of his father who was going into his 90’s. Walking, reaching for things, and other simple activities seemed to be more difficult for him as time went on. It was a shocking truth for Ilchi to witness—his father, a man who was always active and physically impressive even into his 80’s, was now suddenly seeing the impact of age on his body. Watching the aging process of his father spurred something deep within Ilchi’s heart. Being in his late 60’s himself, Ilchi wanted to prepare for a more healthy route toward the later segments of life. What he wanted was to take hold of his life and practice continuous self-development without losing the passion, purpose, and vitality of his younger years.

At the root of this, he found one most important aspect: Health.


Get Moving with Opportunistic Exercise



As you get older, your life becomes increasingly more sedentary and workouts become less frequent. The actions that were once simple at young age can grow to become an obstacle later in life. Movement and constant activity are incredibly important to maintain health, so one needs to make an entire lifestyle change in order to see a true difference. Rather than leaving exercise as something separate that is strictly reserved to free time, infuse movement and exercise into everything you do normally. No longer are the times of waiting to fit exercise in at a convenient time—you must see it from an entirely new perspective. 

Seeking out the chance to workout whenever you can is concept known as “Opportunistic Exercise”, and it’s a way to completely shift the structure of your daily schedule. At any given moment, one can use movement as an exercise or some form of revitalization to combat the stress and fatigue that naturally build up throughout the day. What this means is more energy to do the things you want with more peace of mind to create an amplified sense of joy, drive, and passion for life. Even the smallest efforts will eventually add up and contribute to your body’s improving energy, whether it’s vigorous workouts or relaxed meditation. You can practice it in a variety of ways while rushing through your schedule: Lift yourself up your arms while sitting in a chair, or change the approach in each step as you walk down the street. Before taking a shower, do a quick set of push ups. Any and every exercise that can possibly fit into your schedule, take it.

These changes may seem insignificant from an outside perspective, but when added up, they slowly but surely begin to transform the composition of your daily life. Such was true for Ilchi Lee, and these changes were the beginning kernels of a movement. Not just a movement for him personally, but also one which he believed could touch the world’s population. If everyone saw life from this perspective, healthy daily life would be the new norm in society. The majority of people spend their days sitting, with little to no activity during waking hours. Our bodies simply weren’t designed for such stagnancy — and with the change of one minute exercises — your day-to-day energy is completely turned around in every way. It’s the change your body needs for a fruitful longevity going forward in life. 


Bring One Minute Exercises Wherever You Go


We want you and everyone around the world to join the movement, so we at ChangeYourEnergy developed the One Minute Change app.

It creates a personalized experience with One Minute Change, so you can  reconnect with yourself for 60 seconds every hour, every day of the week. Customize your routine or select preferred categories, then get started with a set alarm every hour.

Making the change is simple and will completely rejuvenate your daily energy. Alter the course of your life with one small change, all from the convenience of your phone. Adopt the lifestyle, share it with loved ones, and embrace the many benefits.

It’s time to make a change.

Download the One Minute Change app on Google Play and iOS App Store now

Written by Austin Adams
Austin is a writer and creative mind who loves movies, books and anything artistic. Video games are one of his favorite pastimes, along with working out and staying active. He likes to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also loves the experience of trying new food and drink. He's sort of a walking contradiction.
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